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A recent channeling…

Mama’s reassurance

I’m feeling the Mother. She says:  

Hello, my Divine Children. I am deeply grateful to be present in this way, at this time. I love you. I surround you. I imbue you with My grace, My faith, My knowing that All is Well.  I know it can be difficult to bring this knowing -that all is well at all times- to every circumstance you find yourselves, either involved in or witnessing in this life. But know that truly is the case. 

Ultimately, there is only, only One of Us – only Myself and your Father and the Universe – together,  playing. It is all our play. It is all our imagination. And we have witnessed over and over the ways in which our divine children play in the third dimension.

And know that, while the creations of violence, the creations that are not love, are repugnant to you who want also only love, they are expressions of separation, expressions of fear. And of course we know now the antidote for fear is love. Always, always. Always. And so to be in a place where you can hold the love in any situation.

This is your life path, your soul’s choice. Your individual incarnations plan to challenge yourselves to remember always that love is all that is real. 

It is so simple. And yet the human mind is so good at complexifying and extreme-ing, proliferating, inventing, imagining.  And the human being also relishes the adventures of so many different kinds of feelings.

So be at peace, beloved, be at peace each one of you. I will finish now. Respecting your [timing] your chiming is quite pretty. Thank you. Thank you for today. Thank you for always, and so it is. 

Thank you Mama. I feel so blessed.  

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