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Photo of Piping Plover nest thanks to my brother John Higgins

Photo of Piping Plover nest thanks to my brother John Higgins

This a message from our Earth Mother which seems so perfect as we have celebrated both Earth Day and then Mother’s day in the few weeks of Spring.. I am so touched by her warmth and tenderness ,as I channeled these words:

I am your Mother Gaia. I am daughter of the Great Mother. I am Archangel and I am the form of the Divine Mother in physicality, just as you can take physicality in many ways and you are also tucked into the heart of the Mother. And you beam forth also from the heart of the mother as an aspect of Her. 

I am not limited to my Archangel self. Or in fact to my physical body, although I have held this body for a very long time. I will not state my years as they are a mystery even to me, in the ways in which we count change over the eons. The ways in which people keep track is irrelevant to me, because I am here for you. I will always love you and I will always be as Mother to you. But I may not always and you will not always be in this physical relationship. 

So let us enjoy it while we are here. Let us take one another’s hand. Lie upon my belly, gaze upon my beauty.  Be fulfilled. Know that I give you my water. I give you the plants from my soil. I give you all manner of food and fruit and nut, in those things which you can receive gently. I am most happy to nurture you and I, in turn, am deeply nurtured by your presence, as love, as light, as the knowing loving ones. 

Your light comes from your spirit. Your light shines through your physicality. You are lit.  You are a light but you do not burn down; your wick is not finite in the same way as those that you burn as candles. You have an infinite wick. Your cord emanates from me as Divine Mother and it stretches and settles, and nestles you into me, as Earth Mother. 

And I am so grateful to you for your presence and for your love, for your very beingness with me in this adventure of physicality.  And I hear your heart and I know that you deeply love me and you support my health and you support my healing and you support my continuing, my flourishing, my rehabilitation. This is all done as we speak. This is all accomplished through your heart’s desire,  your collective heart’s desire, and I speak of all souls who have great love for my physical body and my spirit inhabiting within all life, on planet, on my Surface, within my heart. 

I am grateful. I am proud of you. I am delighted with you. You are helping me tremendously, but do not feel burdened. It is not something that is to wear at you or eat away at you or fret you, and when you come upon those who are fretted, who are deeply troubled at the notion that I might not continue, it does no good to argue or to present your faith with words, but this is where shining with your knowing in a quiet, peaceful way, shining through your eyes, shining through your heart. It is discernible and yet not troubling to the rational mind. 

So, know that you also know how to shine your peace, shine your delight, shine your mercy, shine your compassion and your gentleness, shine your faith – your deep and abiding faith – as you abide in me and I abide in you. I am so glad to have these moments with you, through voice, through energy, through light, through trust, through the little froggies that cover my surface in so many beautiful forms.

You, too, have traversed the light, in the air, the waters, you are at home in the mud and you leap fearlessly.  I’m delighted with your image. 

I hope you will remember that you are at home in Me and I am at home in you. Farewell my beloved ones. Frolic in peace.

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson, May 2023

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