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November 23, 2011  (post dated, FYI)

This is Jeshua.

I will begin by saying I am delighted to wish you all a most happy day of giving thanks.  It is an occasion which it would do well to celebrate on a regular basis, as the enjoyment is felt even in these realms and the gratitude is in a very high vibration which connects you all deeply with one another, but even more importantly – and perhaps less obvious to you – your gratitude connects you to your own creator powers.

By aligning with the acknowledging of receiving the blessings which you have chosen, you impel the energy of creation to bring you additional blessings, which of course the Universe is most happy to do.  So you see the energy is multiplied and charged with movement to bring into manifestation your desires, which, at this season, are the joys of family and friends, of a home-coming of acceptance and good will – essentially you recreate on Earth the welcome and the loving environment always offered to you in these realms when you visit in your dreams.

Abundance of all kinds, an honoring of the gifts of Mother Earth and a reveling in the joys of family – that is a reflection of the blessings always available to you in the loving home of our Father and Mother.   Do not be discouraged at any small ways in which your earthly celebration falls short of that which you long for—it is the nature of your human adventure to disappoint, because of the unreal expectations you put upon it.  Most in your world are just beginning to wake up to their true loving nature, and so this year for the first time on your planet since the earliest days in spiritual form, you will be capable of expressing to one another a much greater degree of true appreciation for the blessing each one is, in your social contexts.

There will be a surge of pleasure and peaceful joy rising from many, many dwellings on your Thanksgiving Day that will be generating a palpable energy field which we in  our realm can move in various ways to envelope even the most hard-hearted ones, softening their despair and gently opening for them a hope that indeed there may be a way forward our of their pain and isolation.

And so, you see, dear one, that this day of which you are all so fond may be extended to all of you – every single one – energetically bringing the benefit of peace and warmth and inclusivity in the greater humanity.  Many now, in addition, are waking up to the fact that it is imperative that ALL be included, that you are one human family, and until all are loved and all are fed – your purpose on earth is not complete.

(Thank you Jeshua, for your blessings on this occasion.)

All love to you.

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