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Photo of Piping Plover nest thanks to my brother John Higgins

Photo of Piping Plover nest thanks to my brother John Higgins

This a message from our Earth Mother which seems so perfect as we have celebrated both Earth Day and then Mother’s day in the few weeks of Spring.. I am so touched by her warmth and tenderness ,as I channeled these words:

I am your Mother Gaia. I am daughter of the Great Mother. I am Archangel and I am the form of the Divine Mother in physicality, just as you can take physicality in many ways and you are also tucked into the heart of the Mother. And you beam forth also from the heart of the mother as an aspect of Her. 

I am not limited to my Archangel self. Or in fact to my physical body, although I have held this body for a very long time. I will not state my years as they are a mystery even to me, in the ways in which we count change over the eons. The ways in which people keep track is irrelevant to me, because I am here for you. I will always love you and I will always be as Mother to you. But I may not always and you will not always be in this physical relationship. 

So let us enjoy it while we are here. Let us take one another’s hand. Lie upon my belly, gaze upon my beauty.  Be fulfilled. Know that I give you my water. I give you the plants from my soil. I give you all manner of food and fruit and nut, in those things which you can receive gently. I am most happy to nurture you and I, in turn, am deeply nurtured by your presence, as love, as light, as the knowing loving ones. 

Your light comes from your spirit. Your light shines through your physicality. You are lit.  You are a light but you do not burn down; your wick is not finite in the same way as those that you burn as candles. You have an infinite wick. Your cord emanates from me as Divine Mother and it stretches and settles, and nestles you into me, as Earth Mother. 

And I am so grateful to you for your presence and for your love, for your very beingness with me in this adventure of physicality.  And I hear your heart and I know that you deeply love me and you support my health and you support my healing and you support my continuing, my flourishing, my rehabilitation. This is all done as we speak. This is all accomplished through your heart’s desire,  your collective heart’s desire, and I speak of all souls who have great love for my physical body and my spirit inhabiting within all life, on planet, on my Surface, within my heart. 

I am grateful. I am proud of you. I am delighted with you. You are helping me tremendously, but do not feel burdened. It is not something that is to wear at you or eat away at you or fret you, and when you come upon those who are fretted, who are deeply troubled at the notion that I might not continue, it does no good to argue or to present your faith with words, but this is where shining with your knowing in a quiet, peaceful way, shining through your eyes, shining through your heart. It is discernible and yet not troubling to the rational mind. 

So, know that you also know how to shine your peace, shine your delight, shine your mercy, shine your compassion and your gentleness, shine your faith – your deep and abiding faith – as you abide in me and I abide in you. I am so glad to have these moments with you, through voice, through energy, through light, through trust, through the little froggies that cover my surface in so many beautiful forms.

You, too, have traversed the light, in the air, the waters, you are at home in the mud and you leap fearlessly.  I’m delighted with your image. 

I hope you will remember that you are at home in Me and I am at home in you. Farewell my beloved ones. Frolic in peace.

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson, May 2023

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A sea of sparkles…

Greetings, I am Jeshua. I am with you today, and always.

 I am delighted to be a part of your conversation today. And it is a beautiful thing to witness your openness, your reception, receptivity and your bemusing on the miracles, expansion, that is happening in your world today, and at this time. It is a most wondrous time. It is a most exciting time, very exciting for us to witness it with you and to participate as helpers and coaches and teachers ~ as we have all agreed to be a part of this together.

It is our great pleasure, very great pleasure, to remind you of who you really are and to support you in that awakening into your own knowing, the knowing of your divinity, as intrinsic, and the knowing of your divinity as inherently worthy, inherently loving, inherently creative, inherently alive and we share this with you. We are all of us circles within the divine Flower of Life ~ overlapping, strengthening one another, delighting in one another’s company and creations, each of us a unique and individual point of light and yet (also) having a radiance, a circumference of light, which when blending with a contiguous one next to us, a circle of light.  

We make together harmonies and beauty and miracles and flowers and rainbows and dancing light and all manner of levity, all manner of lightness of being, and we enjoy the play, enjoy the playfulness. It is tremendously renewing and tremendously sustaining. 

It is definitely easier if one can remember the path of lightness of being, of levity and laughter, joy, brightness, the beauty of sparkles dancing on the ocean. Drink them in. They are yours. They are yours to witness and yours that you have helped to create. They are your food and they are your gift.  

We are most grateful to you, to each of you, for your loving reception of us as your partners, as your beloveds, as your friends and playmates. We are having the utmost fun and wish the same on you. We offer you each an etheric hug, perhaps you can feel the squeezing of your energy as we surround you. Now we step back to allow you to relax in the full radiance of your own beautiful selves. Farewell for now. 

Thank You, Jeshua.

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson September 2022

A recent channeling…

Mama’s reassurance

I’m feeling the Mother. She says:  

Hello, my Divine Children. I am deeply grateful to be present in this way, at this time. I love you. I surround you. I imbue you with My grace, My faith, My knowing that All is Well.  I know it can be difficult to bring this knowing -that all is well at all times- to every circumstance you find yourselves, either involved in or witnessing in this life. But know that truly is the case. 

Ultimately, there is only, only One of Us – only Myself and your Father and the Universe – together,  playing. It is all our play. It is all our imagination. And we have witnessed over and over the ways in which our divine children play in the third dimension.

And know that, while the creations of violence, the creations that are not love, are repugnant to you who want also only love, they are expressions of separation, expressions of fear. And of course we know now the antidote for fear is love. Always, always. Always. And so to be in a place where you can hold the love in any situation.

This is your life path, your soul’s choice. Your individual incarnations plan to challenge yourselves to remember always that love is all that is real. 

It is so simple. And yet the human mind is so good at complexifying and extreme-ing, proliferating, inventing, imagining.  And the human being also relishes the adventures of so many different kinds of feelings.

So be at peace, beloved, be at peace each one of you. I will finish now. Respecting your [timing] your chiming is quite pretty. Thank you. Thank you for today. Thank you for always, and so it is. 

Thank you Mama. I feel so blessed.  

A Chat With Jeshua

(I am meditating and see the image of a snail shell with its “door” closed.  I understand that our guides/Mother-Father God/ The Ascended Masters are always available to us, when we reach out to them – it is we who shut the door.)  

I ask: Would it be helpful to keep the door open permanently?

Jeshua:  It depends on what you choose to focus on, it is entirely your choice.  We would never override your free will.

Me: But why are you SO available to us? Aren’t you busy tending to so many others with more desperate needs? 

Jeshua:  We are always available when we have been asked to be so – again, your choice, your free will.  We operate outside of limitation, so calls on our energy are readily addressed by us, happily, as a cow gives her milk (LOL!!) – and we do not run dry.  Again — Limitlessness — this too is a quality you (on Earth) carry but are as yet unaware of.  We merely open the ducts, the channels, and the energy pours forth. 

Me: With such intelligence, such emotional/mental/spiritual agility and skill! 

Jeshua: Yes, this is part of the Divine Intelligence we -all- carry from our Parents — it is God quality.  We see, we know, we understand.  The interpretations and responses vary as in any relationship.  But we hear your hearts and we respond with our own. 

Me:  Heart-listening and heart-speaking? 

Jeshua:  Truly, this what you are all recovering, stepping into as an expression of your new era of communicating peace.  

Me:  I am very intrigued and excited to be learning this new way of relating — and thrilled to be in relationship with you and my ascended selves (referring to the soul as multiple selves).

Jeshua:  You are also ascended, but in a continuum, as we are, of ascending and descending.  You are fully exercising your abilities of raising and lowering your vibration to experience a great multitude of things — you are just used to seeing yourselves as more static, more stuck in a certain dimension.   Certainly, the dominant culture of your planet is 3rd and many choose to experience this fully.  Others, like yourself, have chosen to lift this restriction on your awareness and begin to experience your multi-dimensionality.  You have not ever LOST your ability to do this, it is more that you have misplaced your confidence, your remembrance.  Was it not so that when you began to “see”, to “travel”, to “know” that you said to yourself: ‘I’ve always known this as myself’’?  It felt very natural,  because it IS natural —to each of you as your expanded selves.  Have fun knowing this and playing with your own illimitability

Me: Wow, that’s a word! 

Jeshua: Fun, is it not?  

Me: Okay!  I’m feeling that’s enough, for now…

Jeshua:  Go with my blessing.   Not go away, but go forward ~ in joy ~ dancing and playing your way through life.  Infinite Love. 

So grateful for all my friends here -and- in the higher dimensions… how blessed we are! When I walk along the beach these days, I quickly reach a state of communion with the Divine Mother… something in the blue, blue ocean…something in the waves’ heartbeat rhythm… something feels tremendously awesome and deeply nurturing at the same time.

“Dear Ones, this is Mary who loves you.  Some of you know me as Mother, some as friend, some as sister of the heart.  I am overjoyed to be with you in this way, whenever you care to join in.”  

(Bless You and thank you, Mother Mary.)

“I will offer that which your hearts long for, the love filling your beings, the love of reassurance, the love of comfort, the love of wisdom.  You are your own guidance.  So many of you have grown into being your own way- finders, and we are very proud of you for this — so it is not guidance, per se, that we bring to you now — but the arms of embrace, the warmth of heart-gathering.  

When we are asked to come to you, it is so fast, so simple – we are there with you to support your own love, to hold your hand in partnership,  as we all are now creating the New and emerging from that which is past — an emerging which has been fraught for you,  requiring the deepest faith, the strength of steadfastness.  To trust you are not alone is trust of the greatest magnitude.  To trust you are NOT a puny human cast adrift amidst dance and cruelty on every side — such as has been your waking nightmare for so many lifetimes — takes strength of trust of a magnitude you cannot yet imagine — and yet you KNOW.  You KNOW.  

You have found your way, and we exult in the joy of this reunion, the conscious rejoining in the joy of creation.  Creatorship is our true nature.   Once deemed heresy, once fiercely avoided — you are now, one by one, two by two, embracing your own true nature as sparks of God, children of the ONE, with gifts inherent, gifts intact.  As you continue on your magnificent journey, you will see more and more of the picture playing out with YOUR loving participation.   

So. No fear now, Beloveds… none is necessary, none is required, none is helpful. Address your days with the joy of your hearts’ Being, and one miracle after another will tumble from your lips, slip into your awareness, leap into the surprise of moments longed for but not fully expected.  Now you know.  And we rejoice for you.  Have fun, blessed Ones.  Have fun.  

In loving awareness at all times of Thee-   I am Mary. ”  

I’ve been on a long hiatus here, but excited to resume my dear old blog and connections to readers, many of whom are deeply friends. Life is changing rapidly, and with all the ups and downs, it feels like white water rafting at times! Now things are shifting again, feeling more connected to Source, Mother/Father and my own energy (the “Me of Me”) and I feel drawn to writing and recording (aka channeling) again. I have a few messages to share, so will get right to the point.

“Blessings to all who read and feel supported by messages such as this one, received in a quiet, peaceful space deep within the heart of one who desires only to serve the greater good on the planet. 

(How are we to begin?)  

Firstly, let me introduce myself.  I am “ALLy-A”  [sounds like ah-liy-ah].  Your ally in the times to come.  Your friend from the angelic realms, focused on the upliftment of humanity at this critical juncture. 

You are in marvelous times, approaching the Breakthrough of energies, lifting you above the cares of yesteryear- washing you on a great gigantic wave of light onto the new pristine shores of your new lives.   May you relax into the Knowing of the benevolence and beneficence and magnificence of this wave, this ocean, this journey of awareness. 

You know of the drop in the ocean, no?  Knowing you are the drop and the ocean? Well, if that is so, then you will be pleasantly surprised that the luminosity of the ocean has just been suffused into a million times brighter.  You will find yourselves swimming in an ocean of LIGHT, such as on a moonlit night, such as in a sea of luminescent plankton, such as in a rainbow brilliance made of liquid.  The movement will be analogous to liquid, because that is familiar to you.  Liquid envelops, liquid supports, liquid mirrors your own (mostly) water content (cells, blood, liquids, tears, etc.).  Liquid is your medium. Your body is created of such and it is thus very familiar to you.  

So Relax. Lie back and float along. The waves when cresting will lift your hearts, when curling will en-roll/enfold you in love, when bubbling will fill your energy with ions of effervescence.  And then – whoosh ~ you are spread in gladness, in eagerness, in joy upon the shore ~ where contact with the rest of the created planet is redolent of blessings of all kinds.  See the shore as the world you greet each day.  And as the day wanes, and the maximum joy has been experienced through contact with the diversity of your beautiful planet, then allow … release … regather your energy into the perfect tumult and shimmering grace of the ocean ~ all that you ARE. 

Remember you are not just one little wave.  You are all the waves.   All the experiences of all the edges/shores/cliffs/rocks/grains of sand of all the world.  In such moment-by-moment reality, the caress of water and stone is the glory of your Mother Earth.  So be it.”

   I have been away from my blog for a year now!  I guess 50 posts seemed like the top of the mountain:-))  In fact, my personal life took all of my energy, in lots of good ways,  but posting was set aside.  I have been saving a channeling that I took down for the occasion of a group gathering that happened a few months ago.  Now it’s time to share this bit of illumination from Jeshua and Mary on how we as humans play-act with Time to create Separation.  It deserves a post.                                                In love and blessing, Jennifer

   This is Jeshua.  I greet you each in this gathering with utmost love.  Mary and I observe you today and everyday, as we continue to support you and love you, especially on those rarer occasions when you are not being loving to yourselves.  This is the real journey, is it not?  Not the seeking and answering of questions – for on a deeper level, this is already known to you, so it is a play-acting, the not-knowing how the universe works.  The real journey is the practice, the choosing, the growing awareness of tenderness to the self.

   You are love, are you not?  Well, then, why experience anything outside of this?  It is because you feel comfortable with the familiar culture, the old ways of denigrating the self.  Self -blame, self-contempt, self- judgment, self-pity all have to do with containing oneself in isolation from the Love of the Universe.   Each of these choices — for make no mistake, they ARE choices — is a choice for separation from All That Is.  And is not All That You Are the same as All That Is?   Perhaps not the same in degree or quantity, such as being part vs being the whole.  But the higher Truth is that, while you express and have your focus as PART of the Whole, indeed the paradox is true — you are part and you are the whole. The trick to understand this is in the definition of YOU.  You see?  The more limited the definition, the more limitation you choose for your SELF.

   Self is not isolated, though that is most specifically the earthly game.  Is a paper doll separate from the paper of which is has been cut?  Only in time.  Before the cutting ( a very human action)  the paper doll was a drawing on the surface of the paper, paper being connected at one earlier time to all paper.  And before that to all trees.  Before becoming the trees, the paper doll was water and minerals, originating as sunshine.

   Everything that you see in your experience as Real originates as light.  Time is a construct to allow your self to convince yourselves that the sequence of separate forms is real.  Having gone through so many transformations, is not the paper doll (a metaphor for your unique person-hood) is not the paper doll, in fact, light?

   You wear many costumes from the dress-up box of human play.  You wear many masks, enclose your true nature in many containers that are quite convincing to the mind, which is trained to trust in TIME.  Without the layout of TIME, you are each and every expression imaginable in any sequencing, in any dance of expression.  It is fun to express God Self  as human self.  You are vastly intrigued with the expression of limitation.  That is fine.  Enjoy yourselves.  But remember, Dear Hearts — no matter how realistic your play,  you made the whole thing up.  So relax.  Enjoy the show… have some popcorn and candy.  Applaud your own creator selves.  We do.

   Bless yourselves with a knowing smile, a pat on the back, a cheer for your greatness.  For indeed you are greatness.  Is not light the greatest thing that is?  Together we are all light, light expressing.    Light, Love, Truth — they are all the same.

Great Blessings, my divine family.

We are your loving brother and sister, Jeshua and Mary

Peace ~

Peace ~

I was surprised one day, a few weeks ago, to be communicating with a Star-being. I didn’t post it right away because my husband, who reads astronomy and astro-physics, said the space address  (see * below), that I was given, sounded very odd. Perhaps I just didn’t have the vocabulary in my head for my visitor to choose from. Anyway, after reading a piece today by Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia — –about communication with our star brothers and sisters,  I decided to share the message as is.  I feel it was intended to be passed along.  With my love and blessings…. Jennifer

“ Greetings.  I am Seth-atha.  I am delighted with the opening you are providing to offer a short message today for all seekers, all who would know their inner selves and the family of beings who exist to love you.  We are star-born and bred, coming from the [sounded like — Hebridean] star cluster, 12 light-years beyond Pluto.*

We travel the universe in service to the Mother,  finding ways to assist where-in there may be circumstances where some of her children have become caught in a web of their own thinking.  You do understand that you create with thoughts? [Yes.]  This accumulates, making rather complex systems of concepts, beliefs – structures of thought – that at times can become self-destructive, restrictive to the point of alienating one-self from the memory of the whole of which we are all a part.   So, you see, and now understand – this is the case with the peoples of Earth, and we have responded with our presence.

We most often work with the mechanical systems of your world to provide means of liberating societies from hardship ~ we are from a world in which there is much delight in the creation of moving forms, and sequences of forms, which manifest in travel, in produce of many kinds, in music ~ you see, we are quite inventive and enjoy entertaining new ideas, new sequences of forms which function to the benefit of all.

Our society is quite cohesive, and yet each is an individual creator in their own right.  We do not have polarity of roles, such that some create (are more powerful) and others are divorced from their creative powers, dis-owning themselves through passivity.  Each of us en-joys the process of creation and we find increasing joy in collaborations to produce that which would not be created by one solely.  You see, each of us has a unique viewpoint from which to offer  to the whole ~ thereby the sum of the collective creation is magnified in its layers of beauty, meaning, history.

We are a proud race, one which feels joyously strong and fulfilled in our creativity. We come to Earth at this point in your history, a turning point of universal significance, to assist in the movement toward this creative collaboration, which will re-align and re-create your social systems to be more environmentally respectful and more whole-serving.  

You are aware that many of your systems – such as food production, transportation, or housing —  are most often dependent on a less than beneficial relationship with the living environment on the surface of Gaia’s body, which lives to serve you.  The detrimental effects of your manufacturing patterns of use are not in alignment with what would be the wisest and most loving response to the Mother’s Gifts.  Mother Earth, in her physical aspect, deserves a much more gentle adaptation.

You, in your evolution, are now prepared to begin to conceive and carry out /manifest new ways of being in beneficial relationship with your living practices and with your loving practices.  Be open to inspiration, which will offer new insight into the creative possibilities.  We will be relaying to you new possibilities for design, for manufacture and employment of form,  which will be helpful as you all dream and manifest the new Earth.  It will integrate some of the best of the old ways with transition forms allowing the bridging of what is familiar with what is now possible but astoundingly new.

For example,  a chair will still hold qualities familiar to you, but will be potentially of natural materials and softer substances with greater attention to mechanics and comfort, adjusting effortlessly with your subtlest movement to allow you to feel greater pleasure in your sitting  [they showed me a picture of a person sitting in a seat shaped like a huge hand, as an illustration of the ability of a “chair” to adjust to, support and give pleasure to the sitter.]  Be not afraid of the new, but open your minds as you open your hearts to the most wondrous possibilities, which will bring ease and enjoyment to Earth Mother – Gaia, and all she houses.   So may it be! 

Ala-gem  (goodbye) for now…. Our warmest blessings, dear friend.”

Thank you Seth-atha, for this surprising and helpful message.        Ala-gem.  ❤

Owl by Dennis Sheehy

Dear Readers,  I wish to introduce two dear friends in the next two posts. The first is the photographer Dennis Sheehy whose beautiful silhouette of owl and branches appears above.  He takes one-der-ful photographs, illustrating a dedication to catching those moments that sparkle, that illuminate, that open a crack to see behind the veil of ordinary human perception.  To this end, he spends hours walking, looking, noticing and skillfully recording those moments of illumination. Nature photography is a kind of meditation and a kind of channeling, making visible what ordinarily goes unnoticed.

Usually I illustrate my posts with photos I take myself… a quick shot of a moment I observe in the ever changing beauty around my country home,  but I have thought for a while of including some of Dennis’ photos as a way of sharing his meditation and his talent with my friends on-line. He was once very involved in making gnome-homes, so clearly has a feeling for the aesthetics of faerie and the elementals  (see also ).  Dennis is also a very dear brother to me.  I recognized him as that immediately, I’m happy to say, and it turns out, he is the twin flame of one of my sisters.   I first met him in the 1990s,  when I arranged for him to teach a gnome home workshop at the elementary school in Freeport, Maine where I was teaching art.

I chose the owl for the first post, from all of his photos, because Owl is a personal symbol of wisdom and sight in the darkness, and a messenger between worlds, which we as channels are also.  I do not resonate with the superstition of the owl as a harbinger of death, this is based in fear of change and transition.   The Greek goddess Athena, renowned for wisdom,  has an owl as her symbol. I have had an owl totem and spirit friend for at least thirty years.

When my son was seven, we went to a Native American tipi set-up demonstration, with a subsequent shield-making activity within the tipi.  The Penobscot man lead us on a journey to find our spirit animal, and draw it on the shield with crayons.  I still have the cardboard circle with the white and silver owl in flight.  This is the first experience I had with clairvoyance, as I realized how easy it was for me to follow a guided visualization, and saw/felt the owl fly to me so vividly.  I was in college at that period studying art education and later used guided imagery a lot with my students, who, as children, were closer to their non-physical senses than most adults.

My name Jennifer comes from the English name  Guinevere;  the original Cornish form was  Gwenwhyfar, meaning white shadow, white phantom, white fairy, or fair one).  The white owl on my shield feels like a phantom or spirit owl, not a physical one.  My parents didn’t know the etymology back in 1951 (they didn’t have baby -naming books then)… I discovered it later in high school when I became enamored of the Arthurian legends.  Pondering on why I have the name I do, another level of meaning came clear in meditation a year or so ago.  Jenn ( Gen– root word for race, kind, or simply,  the people) and  fer (or, pher- from the Greek to love, as in Christopher = lover of Christ),  which all adds up to Lover of the People, or All of Us! YAY!  I’m so grateful for my parents’ intuitive wisdom!!

Multi-dimensional Blessings to all of you on this magical Hallow’s Eve, when the veils are blown away and we can all travel between worlds like Owl, and sense/see/hear/feel the Other Side.  No fears– All is well– Always.   Love to All the People,  Gwenwhyfar

Golden Vibrations

Golden Vibrations

Where has October flown?! Time is truly rolling and rushing and escaping all its boundaries!!

I have been very absorbed in a whirlwind of deaths and funerals,  six in two weeks…  Funerals take huge amounts of energy, and I have to sleep alot.  This aspect of ministry feels much like bridging between worlds, once exclusive territory of the shaman, later taken over by the priests. As a Lightbearer, I am feeling my way to an authentic honoring of the person, and of the passage, without supporting the old structures of fear and control.  Letting go of old beliefs in order to really feel the Love that I AM entails meeting all my fears about death, especially sub-conscious ones. To that end,  in the last few months, I have had an interesting series of experiences communicating with souls who have crossed over. 

 One day I received a big surprise when I sat to listen and record a message for this blog.  I usually connect right off with one of my teachers, guides or one of the Ascended Masters, or, another on my  “approved” list.  But here was a vibration I didn’t recognize… it spooked me a bit, and I immediately checked in with my higher self  (who I call Amami.) I also wasn’t sure I wanted to be a messenger for “just anyone” (ego:-)… I loved the answer I received, that we are always protected and there is nothing to fear – ever!  And, to become the universal citizens we hope for, we must be open to surprising encounters.  After Amami’s message, feeling reassured, I went back to the one who had begun the conversation, to see who and what their purpose might be.  Here is my “spooky” channeling experience:

Good morning,  I seek to address you on the topic of … learning …(connection fuzzy, distorted)

(What? Who is this?) 

I am not known to you.

(What?!  STOP.)  Let’s begin again … re-center …check in with my Higher Self:

Blessings.  This is Amami.  You are always protected and there is no reason for fear.   (Sigh…okay…<3)

Only those experiences which you would choose for your own soul’s growth would ever occur in your perception, anyway.  Remember, you are the creator.  You have drawn to you that which reflects you.  If there is something fearful in front of you – then there is fear within you.  When there is no more fear within you – there will no longer be a fearful expression in front of you.

This world you inhabit is a playground for fear and you have played here for a very long time.  You are almost done with it now.  You are recognizing the higher vibrations in which you are choosing to dwell.  By wrapping yourself in the soothing golden vibrations of the Love that emanates within you and around you – you will perceive that fear thoughts and expressions, whether emotional or physical, dissipate like fog in the sun.

There is no need to fear any who might approach you to communicate with you, or another through you.  Bless their energies, keep your own heart flowing in a state of love, and you need never fear another, whether within or without.  Many seek confirmation of the existence of life from the galaxy, perhaps through an encounter with another life-form of a higher vibration.  Shutting down in fear would not assist this desire, you see?  You are all a bit timid yet in this exploration of conscious contact.  Do not retreat in fear, but instead – strengthen yourself in alignment with Source, feel the love connecting you in all directions, and explore freely what/who may approach you to be seen or heard.

Every aspect of consciousness has something to teach you.  It is all you anyway, in the vast sense of wholeness.  Nothing exists that is not worthy of your loving embrace.  Do not be shy, Dear.  Hide not behind my skirts.  Here let me take you by the hand and introduce you… to Your Self.   ❤  Love, Amami

(Okay.  Let us continue then.) 

I am a friend of a friend of a friend.  I would not harm you. I saw your light shining and came to warm myself at your fire.  It is known that you have offered yourself as a messenger, and I sought such a one to convey my message. You would not seek to open and approve each letter, if you were a postman,  before you would deliver it, would you? (No.)  Well then.  Will you take my message?

(Yes and welcome, today, to my heart of friendship.)  Thank you.   (Well, here goes…)

I am superbly [?] situated in your presence to convey the distortions seen with respect to a friend of ours, [name deleted].  He is dearly loved by you, as a brother, no?  (Yes.)  Well, I request that you approach him by any means of communication and offer him this message.

“You are not alone.  You are loved and cherished by the Heart of the One. Thank you for all you have brought to your human expression. You have contributed greatly to joy in all dimensions.  Your soul shines brightly, warming all of us.

I wish to be forgiven of past mistakes and the ways in which I failed to protect you while on Earth – you were in my care for a time.  I failed to establish the safety which you so deserved and desired.   I realize now that the experiences which shaped your life were willingly undergone for the greater opening to compassion within your human expression.  My intention was to protect you, but I was not able to maintain my clarity within the density.  Now, I can see and wish to convey my sorrow, so that you can know that while I understand the value now of all experiences – delightful or difficult –  that I do acknowledge my failing with respect to you, and wish to be known to you again as one who holds you in great regard, esteem and enormous love,  (your grandfather).”

That’s all for now, and great thanks to you for your willingness to scribe. I leave you with my blessing.

So– you see? there was no reason for fear after all! :-)<333….  I felt a little sheepish, and later conveyed the message to my friend, which has had the lovely consequence of re-igniting communication after a pause of over a year! 

So many blessings…..  In Love,  Jennifer

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