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Jan. 15:  This is Jeshua.  Mary and I join with you all in sharing your joy on Planet Earth. As you progress with the Ascension, you are releasing so many of your old fears – the clinging which has kept you in limitation.  Limitation is the nature of structure. You create your structure to play the game in the physical realm… but so many are tired of the game, tired of struggle and suffering, weary of the intense excitement of not-knowing, and experience these now as corrosive, self-violent, so longer inspiring or exciting in any way.  Yes, even the excitement, the commitment to the adventure, has kept the game going.

But now, as your thought-structures-become-concrete fail and crack open, you are feeling the blessing of spaciousness – breathing space as you call it – release from a containment that has felt like imprisonment at times, and it feels good.  You are moving towards this greater ease, greater gentleness in your waking time, and becoming nurtured in the peace and trust.  Truly they are very womb-like.  This is the matrix of the Divine Feminine, a place of nurturing, rest re-birth, and gradually, movement – you kick your leg, swim a little, practicing the new body forming.  In this action, you begin the new creation of your own divine experience, truly yours and unique but shared by the One, shared at first through the umbilical-like cord as the new ones are greatly fed but the Mother, then later by the more dispersed energy system of the Father – the One Divine Intelligence.

What is energy?  Light, Love, Truth… it has numerous expressions. You see them as contextual, and so the different words.  We see them as energy playing in form, in speed, in color, in content – as a moonbeam carries one kind of light and a sun ray another, but differing only in expression, not in ultimate composition – again, a simile illustrating your perceptions of context.  Content varies in our realm as the power of expression which continues throughout all life, all time/eternity, not just your earthly life.

Content may express as angelic, as reptilian, as a planet or a solar system, as a temple, as a fruit – it is all love expressed, creation expressing.

Many on your world are waking up to the remembrance of love/truth/light and its powers of expression.  Circumstances, when they change, invite this remembrance.  One who becomes ill remembers the brother who used to be such an important part of their life and reaches out to reconnect, receiving again the mirror of their own divine love and forgiveness and acceptance.  One who has been working for years at a single employment is called into non-employment to rest and change direction in a way that remembers old gifts, old longings to be more involved in playing music, and calls their old friends and starts a band, sharing from a place of greater wisdom, greater self-acceptance, and then finds this mirrored in the ones who come to the coffee house to listen to the songs, and so again, greater peace is born on your world.

“May there be peace on Earth, Let it begin with me,” was a song seeded by such a one expressing their creative power, and now you see many of your world who would espouse this idea and find some way to express it in their own lives.  If you feel frustrated and confused by “how” to create this peace for yourself, remember the process used by the Divine Feminine – the womb of rest and self-nurturing, going within, honoring the crucible of birthing the self – it is the same with any new idea, the idea/thought being the sperm, the spark of life, and the womb of nurturing, the blood-sharing, the containment. Let the period of gestation be for in-forming through the matrix, through the DNA/RNA, the medium of informing,  and you will acquire all that you need to birth your new expression into the outer world – the place you all share your collective expression.  Have fun with this!  All love to you, Jeshua and Mary.

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