Jenny:  the only one of  us in human embodiment – with all its  joys and suffering –  as woman, wife, mother and grandmother, interfaith minister, founder of Through The Rose Mystery School, part-time archivist, and -now- channel in service to Love.  Jeshua tells me I was an Essene in the community he grew up in, a Gnostic priest, and a shaman in past lives.

Here’s a link to the Mystery School ~ teachings given by Jeshua and Mary Magdalen:   

by Glenda Greene

by Glenda Greene

Amami:  an aspect of my “higher” self

Jeshua: my teacher from the Ascended Realms, our older Brother, and yes, aka Jesus the ChristMaria_Magdalene_icon

Mary Magdalen: Jeshua’s Twin Flame and teaching partner, my teacher at the Egyptian mystery schools, our Sister

m mary

Mother of God

Mother Mary: yes, Jeshua’s mother and Priestess in the Essene community


Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel:  one of the most familiar of the Angels, long committed to helping us on Earth; S/he visited Mary when she was going to have Jeshua, and also channeled the Q’uran to Mohammed. S/he feels like part of my heart.

Presto: my friend the little Egyptian cat; great at reading the Akashic Records

me and Ukiel

me and Ukiel

Ukiel:  my familiar;  s/he is a unicorn; once cured a headache by gently inserting its horn into my ear

Hathors at Dendera

Hathors at Dendera

The Hathors: more familiar as the pillars of the Temple of Dendur or as the pals of channel Tom Kenyon… they are available to us all and speak as once voice in groups of 3 – 16. I have worked with them in past lives.