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(April 20, 2012) Jeshua, will you write with me?  Of course. What would you like to write about?  Well, I have been reading some channelings from others about the state of power in our world, how some are exceeding their rights and will be arrested to make way for a more democratic rule. Is this true?  Yes.  The Illuminati are true? Yes. There is a vein of power that is deeply embedded in your history that even now has its proponents, its actors.  It is all part of the lessons of balance and imbalance, of projected power and assumed power.

            You are being called into a greater state of personal empowerment and our teachings are specifically addressed to this.  Most of you on the planet have been willing to be dominated by a few in power, some covertly, some overtly.  But now you are all ready for a new stage of development, wherein you take back this projection and make your own choices.  Believe me, you have consented to this [current] arrangement as part of the objectifying lesson in power.

            Some are frightened by the covert nature of this agreement, afraid of what they cannot see; but in reality, it is not very different than your openly reigning monarchies.  They have great power and many have been content for this to be so, because you see it as a stable situation and one in which you can feel safe.

            Now that you are ready to trust yourselves with your own power, you naturally wish to recover the projection, make your own choices and arrangements.  You are beginning to believe that indeed you are quite capable of making more loving and fair economic systems, more enlightened systems of governance, more liberating systems of education, and so on. You are beginning to trust your own capacities for love, for compassion, for wisdom. Yes, this has been a long time coming.

            You are growing up as a civilization, no longer willing to be sheltered by parents who are fallible, who are protecting their own interests [the status quo].  The extremes of inequality in terms of wealth are primarily an illustration to be perceived without doubt, a glaring example, as you say, of an outcome that is excessive.  You now as a society cannot fail to see the point, as it were, and realize clearly that you have allowed the situation to go on quite long enough.

            You are ready now to become independent of those who you thought protected you, and you now long for and aspire to creating a new life for yourselves, together, on planet Earth.  An entire generation, so to speak, of Earth dwellers are now ready to evolve a new way of life on the beautiful Mother Planet, one with a great deal more freedom, a high standard of cooperation, and undreamed-of levels of co-creative joyous expression.

            Great congratulations to all of you that you have arrived at this place in your common journey.  Do not resent or fear those who have been manipulating the strings of the puppets.  Recognize your own collusion, and, like Pinnochio – grow up!  You are real now, you know, and can make your own adventure.

Does this answer your question?  Indeed. I feel much inspired, thank you.

Great love and blessings to each of you.  Jeshua.

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