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Mother Mary: Feb. 20th. Greetings, my Beloveds. It is with great joy I come today to speak a few words of encouragement and clarification to you. Encouragement for the effort you are making to bring the new awakening into your lives – the awareness of choice, the expanded sense of identification, the gentleness toward self and others, the enthusiasm for co-creative endeavor, and the celebration of your new knowing of yourselves in greater connectivity to All That Is.

The clarification I wish to offer to you today has to do with this idea of your expanded self as divinity. Some of you reject your own divinity as absurd, or at least, grandiose (a word of judgement). Others squirm a bit trying on this notion – now commonplace (see how far you have come!) – of your divinity, as though perhaps it is a bit too loose, too tight, or at best, undeserved.

Ah yes, this brings us to the point that [you believe] you are not worthy, and [we] address the scriptural basis of humility – as though you must be humble to be loved by God, to be worthy to even tie his shoe. We, of course, did not have shoes even remotely like the ones you enjoy now, and even if we did, we would have tied our own, as you do. If one were very grand, then one might have a servant to fasten one’s sandals, but most of us have always preferred to be independent. The idea of being so unworthy as to be not even fit to act as a servant is what is being illustrated. Why would any of God’s children think themselves so pitifully low as to be so abased?

It is part of the story you tell yourselves as humans living in duality. You believe that for some to be worthy (secretly you would like to count yourselves in this group) then there must be others who are not worthy. Clearly, one must be one or the other; otherwise, there is no polarity. Since your world operates on polarity, then it must be truth. It is not truth my beloved ones; it is merely your game of light and shadow, worthy and unworthy – like the children’s game of cops and robbers. Pick a side and play it out; it does not matter, as long as you remember it is a game. If you forget (and this is what most of your history is about) then you suffer the illusion that your story, your history, your pain is real. It is not real, my darlings, it is just make-believe.

As you become more and more willing to take responsibility for your choices, your world, your reality, you become ready to see it as the game it is, and to begin to lovingly and creatively look for ways to use your power of choice differently. You tidy up; you make amends; you approach your relationships with greater awareness of your part in the play; you dream up new scenarios that create a happier ending for all.

Truly, my children, you are growing up, and it is a very joyful thing to observe your world in the act of taking responsibility for your choices, rather than retaining the [belief in] blame which makes one victim and the other at fault. There is no fault. There are only choices, and you are beginning to see this and to operate in a new paradigm of tender and gracious respect to all of your brothers and sisters, as you observe their desire to awaken from the dreams of humanity’s suffering.  The inkling that you created it together, and [thus] you can create solutions going forward which will give you great joy in implementing, will bring the celebration of life you have all longed for. With great kindness and creativity you will, together, lift your world into a new stage where concern turns to revelation, and compassion to delight. You are all held always in the greatest love and blessing. Mother Mary.

Feb. 14th. Hello. This is Jeshua. I am here to remind you of your own love. Within each of you is a fountain, a generator, a bubbling spring of love, forever renewing itself. On this day and always, know that your truest nature is to bestow your love freely, to benefit any with whom you come into connection in your human walk. On your world, the idea of love is as a commodity and something you trade, as in rubies or bushels of wheat. But it is not a thing, a finite substance. Love is an energy of infinite proportions, not a quantity – subject to lack or hoarding, or counting, or winning and losing. Love is a constantly available source of life, your life force, in fact, and the very same energy which you use to create your world.

Love has attributes that are calming, strengthening, energizing, soothing, passionate and tender, [so] you think it must be different than life, which in your world is often described as difficult, tough, hard, unpredictable, and therefore, unreliable and scary. Thus you miss the connection between love and life – life as in “life force” – the animating spirit which takes form as a rose, as a bear, a puppy, a pig, a human. You see, love IS life, and can take any form it chooses. On other dimensions you have all played with an infinite number of forms, created –by you- for you to experience. With your love/life force you bring into being an unlimitable number of creations on the earth plane, from cakes to plays to bridges and babies. Without life, there would be no expression.

You have sentimentalized love in to a safe arena of romantic or familial love. The ancient Greeks outlined the acceptable expressions of love, but these are merely hints of the vast creative powers of love. Life force, too, carries a finite terminology that anyone opposed to “force” would avoid. And so you hold yourselves in limitation. These have been the rules of your game. Are you willing now to contemplate the power of love? The life of love? A life of power? The creative loving energy that expresses infinitely as you, your brother and everything you know in this realm and all others?

There is nothing that is REAL that is not love. Anything other than love is a game, a parameter, set –by you- for exploration. Only love is real. That is all that is. Contemplate this and open to yourselves a whole new world of possibility. It begins with your heart and ends nowhere. Be blessed in the flow of infinite love and possibility.
My love always. Jeshua

Feb. 10: We are the Hathors. We speak as One. We welcome this opportunity to share encouragement to en-hearten your journey, dear ones –  your journey Home and beyond!  Yes, you are returning to your true state of connectedness and creatorship. You are returning to the remembrance of your nature as Love.  And love does not only flow towards the heart of the creator, but also flows out again. As you bring air into your center and send it forth, enriched by your own self, so does the Creator breathe in the light and love of your sharing and then blessing you, sends you forth to gather more experience.
Adventures is what it is all about.  Some take adventures into frequencies that are less than love… and this is exactly what you yourselves have done.  But you do not do so to revel in fear; you do so to carry the love you are into the denser vibration, because it is your nature to be love. Disguised as anything else at all, it is still love in motion, love in intention, love in essence.  All is [love].  It is just play-acting if it seems not to be.
What of cruelty, maliciousness?
Very rare [in intention]. Most violence is an expression of inner pain at the belief in separation.  At any moment you each are a breath away from being the love you are.  Choose to come from love, or come from fear.  But until you understand your ability to choose, most of you feel controlled by circumstances, helpless and fearful. This is the power of choice. If you once choose love – it is extremely liberating.  You are freed from the domination of fear, and therefore not compelled by your fear to act in unloving ways to anyone else. It is so simple, is not?
All is based in love or separation from that love.  The choice to separate from love is extremely rare. Some choose to know even this, usually for the purpose of understanding a deep dark space of possibility. You do so enjoy your contrasts, your sweet and sour, your hot and cold…it is part of the physical playground to hold experiences of polarity.  But it is all play ultimately.
No harm really exists.  You see so clearly this when you put down a thriller – oh, it is just a story, or when you wake from a bad dream –oh, it is just a nightmare. But it is harder for you to accept that your“reality” is really a grand creation of polarity, an absorbing game of light and shadow, which has developed into an amazingly complex and interesting compulsion for you.  That is why you have returned again and again, life after life.  You always say – I can do it this time, I can remember my love, I can live within polarity and remember to choose love and solve the maze.  For it is a maze, and many get temporarily lost and feel they are hopelessly so.  But that is never truly the case.
 Once you decide you have had enough, you can quickly locate an exit – be it a means of ending the physical life, or a means of choosing love, and then consistently and deliberately heading for Home.  You always have the power to choose. And when you are quite finished, you will no doubt find a new game to play.  You are such grand creators, our dear Earth friends!
We will stop now, we have given a long enough discourse today,  We  hope you have enjoyed this expansive view which we so gladly share in the spirit of blessing each and all of you reading this.  In GREAT LOVE. The Hathors.

Feb. 3: I share this one because it is my first channeling with an animal, a cat who has appeared to my inner sight in the past; I named him Presto.  He is all black, like the little statue of the Egyptian cat I have in my meditation room. In this life I have been fairly traditional in my practice of religion (until this latest evolvement), but this reveals how eclectic everything gets when we factor in past lives, for example, the relationship with a “familiar”, which many people associate with the early earth-based religions. This channeling also illustrates the process of getting information about a loved one. My father died 12 years ago, but I have never before asked any of my ascended friends about him, just trusted in the goodness of All That Is to be a “better place” for him – how could Home not be happy??? So, comment or email me with any questions, and enjoy….

Jan 18:  Surprise me.  I don’t have any agenda. Purrrrr… Presto!  Yes, I would like this time to communicate.  I feel you rubbing against my leg.  Were we friends in the physical?  Yes, many lifetimes ago, I was a temple cat and you befriended me and we agreed to work together.  I became a familiar to you – this is always an agreement – and I was willing to assist you with traveling between worlds and retrieving information.  Your love of cats is very old and I was not your first cat friend, but because of our association with the mysteries, I became dedicated, as you did. And so we began our partnership.  What would you like to know?

How is my father and what is he doing?  Your father in this life is moving every well into new realms of exploration, expanding his awareness and allowing himself much greater freedom.  He realized that he restricted himself unduly and dampened his own joy in that process.  He is quite well, wonderfully so, and would be willing to speak with you sometimes, whether in writing or in an inner conversation.  Just ask him, and wait and feel for his presence – he will let you know he is present.

Thank you  very much Presto!  So you are also a psychopomp? Yes! That is all for this time, I must go make dinner.  Ah fish, my favorite! We will enjoy the aroma! Okay!

P.S. A psychopomp is one who shows a departing spirit over the Bridge of Shadonai after physical death. This is one of my abilities, Jeshua told me, from past lives. 

P.P.S. Notice I did not tell him in words that I was going to cook fish, and that the sense of smell is multi-dimensional. 🙂

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