Feb. 3: I share this one because it is my first channeling with an animal, a cat who has appeared to my inner sight in the past; I named him Presto.  He is all black, like the little statue of the Egyptian cat I have in my meditation room. In this life I have been fairly traditional in my practice of religion (until this latest evolvement), but this reveals how eclectic everything gets when we factor in past lives, for example, the relationship with a “familiar”, which many people associate with the early earth-based religions. This channeling also illustrates the process of getting information about a loved one. My father died 12 years ago, but I have never before asked any of my ascended friends about him, just trusted in the goodness of All That Is to be a “better place” for him – how could Home not be happy??? So, comment or email me with any questions, and enjoy….

Jan 18:  Surprise me.  I don’t have any agenda. Purrrrr… Presto!  Yes, I would like this time to communicate.  I feel you rubbing against my leg.  Were we friends in the physical?  Yes, many lifetimes ago, I was a temple cat and you befriended me and we agreed to work together.  I became a familiar to you – this is always an agreement – and I was willing to assist you with traveling between worlds and retrieving information.  Your love of cats is very old and I was not your first cat friend, but because of our association with the mysteries, I became dedicated, as you did. And so we began our partnership.  What would you like to know?

How is my father and what is he doing?  Your father in this life is moving every well into new realms of exploration, expanding his awareness and allowing himself much greater freedom.  He realized that he restricted himself unduly and dampened his own joy in that process.  He is quite well, wonderfully so, and would be willing to speak with you sometimes, whether in writing or in an inner conversation.  Just ask him, and wait and feel for his presence – he will let you know he is present.

Thank you  very much Presto!  So you are also a psychopomp? Yes! That is all for this time, I must go make dinner.  Ah fish, my favorite! We will enjoy the aroma! Okay!

P.S. A psychopomp is one who shows a departing spirit over the Bridge of Shadonai after physical death. This is one of my abilities, Jeshua told me, from past lives. 

P.P.S. Notice I did not tell him in words that I was going to cook fish, and that the sense of smell is multi-dimensional. 🙂