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   I have been away from my blog for a year now!  I guess 50 posts seemed like the top of the mountain:-))  In fact, my personal life took all of my energy, in lots of good ways,  but posting was set aside.  I have been saving a channeling that I took down for the occasion of a group gathering that happened a few months ago.  Now it’s time to share this bit of illumination from Jeshua and Mary on how we as humans play-act with Time to create Separation.  It deserves a post.                                                In love and blessing, Jennifer

   This is Jeshua.  I greet you each in this gathering with utmost love.  Mary and I observe you today and everyday, as we continue to support you and love you, especially on those rarer occasions when you are not being loving to yourselves.  This is the real journey, is it not?  Not the seeking and answering of questions – for on a deeper level, this is already known to you, so it is a play-acting, the not-knowing how the universe works.  The real journey is the practice, the choosing, the growing awareness of tenderness to the self.

   You are love, are you not?  Well, then, why experience anything outside of this?  It is because you feel comfortable with the familiar culture, the old ways of denigrating the self.  Self -blame, self-contempt, self- judgment, self-pity all have to do with containing oneself in isolation from the Love of the Universe.   Each of these choices — for make no mistake, they ARE choices — is a choice for separation from All That Is.  And is not All That You Are the same as All That Is?   Perhaps not the same in degree or quantity, such as being part vs being the whole.  But the higher Truth is that, while you express and have your focus as PART of the Whole, indeed the paradox is true — you are part and you are the whole. The trick to understand this is in the definition of YOU.  You see?  The more limited the definition, the more limitation you choose for your SELF.

   Self is not isolated, though that is most specifically the earthly game.  Is a paper doll separate from the paper of which is has been cut?  Only in time.  Before the cutting ( a very human action)  the paper doll was a drawing on the surface of the paper, paper being connected at one earlier time to all paper.  And before that to all trees.  Before becoming the trees, the paper doll was water and minerals, originating as sunshine.

   Everything that you see in your experience as Real originates as light.  Time is a construct to allow your self to convince yourselves that the sequence of separate forms is real.  Having gone through so many transformations, is not the paper doll (a metaphor for your unique person-hood) is not the paper doll, in fact, light?

   You wear many costumes from the dress-up box of human play.  You wear many masks, enclose your true nature in many containers that are quite convincing to the mind, which is trained to trust in TIME.  Without the layout of TIME, you are each and every expression imaginable in any sequencing, in any dance of expression.  It is fun to express God Self  as human self.  You are vastly intrigued with the expression of limitation.  That is fine.  Enjoy yourselves.  But remember, Dear Hearts — no matter how realistic your play,  you made the whole thing up.  So relax.  Enjoy the show… have some popcorn and candy.  Applaud your own creator selves.  We do.

   Bless yourselves with a knowing smile, a pat on the back, a cheer for your greatness.  For indeed you are greatness.  Is not light the greatest thing that is?  Together we are all light, light expressing.    Light, Love, Truth — they are all the same.

Great Blessings, my divine family.

We are your loving brother and sister, Jeshua and Mary

the action figures on my altar

the action figures on my altar

      3/10/13:  Here is the latest channeling… I seem to be developing a sweet thing with Mother Mary, because she came through again.  I love her energy and her heart, and I delight in her word imagery, from the circle of life being pregnant to “your smile is your pebble”! 

      This particular message came through in the middle of a vision of a meeting in some higher dimension.  I’ll describe it as it may resonate with some of you who are also doing such spontaneous “traveling”.  After choosing to meet up with my teachers in a higher dimension (I aimed for 16th, which Jeshua once invited me to, but it could have been anywhere), the first thing I sensed was like breaking through the surface of a pond, and coming out into a mist-filled space. There were  bright lights, like christmas lights seen through a rainy windshield (they were my guides and teachers.) I asked to be able to feel them and felt each color flash brilliantly and a sensation of an energetic squeeze from Jeshua and Mary, blue and magenta. Then Mother Mary who showed herself to me as a white peony with dark pink center.  Quan Yin and Kuthumi were each a brilliant purple, and their hugs felt more tingly and breeze-like.  I felt their blessings, then I was on my own and walking through a forest… the “trees” on either side were wand-like and waving and changing in spectrum from blue green to light lime green, with spirit flower  of bright colors along the forest floor. 

I sensed one of my familiar companions along side of me, a unicorn I call Ukiel, whose mane i was holding as we walked side by side. His/Her presence felt warm and companionable, but i didn’t see him so much as feel his fur brush against me and the silky texture of his mane.  We passed by a glade  every now and then, but didn’t stop. After a while we came out into an open field, which i felt/saw was surrounded on four sides with the ocean (the path went through the fifth side).  In the field was a pavilion, a white tent of a soft material – where i knew the others were waiting.  When i arrived, Jeshua, Mary and Mother Mary were there, and Quan Yin and Kuthumi.  I was so happy to see them all (more in misty human form), and the atmosphere was bright with rejoicing.  They invited me to sit, and offered me “tea” from a pot, it was more like silver liquid, and some little square cakes, like petit-fours but made from layers of fresh fruits.  We laughed and visited for a while, then i asked if one of them would like to bring a message for the blog for those who would read it, and this is what came:

Good Day and Blessings to all of you. This is Mother Mary.  I am delighted with this opportunity to share with you and to offer you my love and support.

This day is another milestone in your journey as souls embodied on Mother Earth.  You have each expanded to incorporate such degrees of light, such degrees of trust, such qualities of expression of love that your future as citizens of light creating the New Earth as a benevolent, all-inclusive society is assured.

Always your free will is respected and honored, and if you chose to continue to play in the “Wild West” lawless danger of former days on Earth, then as such you would continue to live in the fear and the drama of your choice.

It is so beautiful to see that you are instead now choosing to set down these collective stories, [saying] STOP, and “Enough!” ~ so that you may instead begin a new narrative that engages playfulness in a more benign way, bringing pleasure, solace, satisfaction to all of your brothers and sisters who wait and watch to see if it might, in fact, be true – this inner rumor of a new way forward.  They feel the possibility, but are watching you, my devoted Light-bearers, Heart-weavers, to see what might be created which will be of loving benefit, which uplifts and upholds the frequencies of greater good.

It is no accident that your word GOD is so close to the word GOOD ~ it is, in fact, an expansion, is it not, with the extra O, the extra~inclusive circle of wholeness in action, possibility~pregnant.  There are many such signs in your language, and you will be amused as you encounter and decipher them.  These signs or codes exist in every human language, and are the game of Spirit playing through your creations to point the way, to remind you of your divine origins, your essence.

As you have collectively begun to play in the energies of your nature as Love, SO many opportunities are being offered broadly to groups of your brothers and sisters for their en~joy~ment.  The greater the joy experienced in each day, the higher the vibration of the individual, the greater the enjoy~ment of the collective of souls upon the planet, the higher the vibration in which opportunities for enjoyment exist.

You are moving the spiral upwards with all of your creative, innovative endeavors, when intention is filled with the desire to provide ease, comfort, blessing, wonder~ment, inspiration, nurturing, enlightenment, and ~ yes ~ love to all on the planet.  The spiral of upliftment is powerful in its ability to generate and spread joy, which acts as fuel to continue the spiral movement into greater joy.  Envision this spiral and know that with each smile, each peal of laughter, each skip, each twinkle of the eye you propel the spiral of increasingly loving vibration upon, within and extending from your beautiful Mother planet.

If joy seems elusive to you, be where you are; remember to be kind to yourself; release judgement; allow yourself to rest.  You have been struggling so long that exhaustion is calling to you to ease up, lay back, sit still, and, once [you are] a bit more practiced in this kindness to self, your energy will be cleansed and peaceful and begin to generate the energy of joy once more.  It is innate and seeks expression, delights in connection, and ultimately blesses all of the Universe and every level of Spirit like ripples on a pond.  Your smile is your pebble and yours to throw.  Have fun my dearest ones, have fun!  Mother Mary.

Afterwards, I felt loved by all of them, then I just dissolved out of there and back into my room.  Have a most happy day! With much love, JenniferOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Feb. 15, 2013

Earth Sky Fire & Snow

Earth Sky Fire & Snow

As we are ascending and moving beyond our 3-D commitment to separation — from God, from each other,  from the stream of Life itself — I sometimes wonder about the nature of our connectedness.  At times I have seen the elements as connectors:  air, water, earth and fire. As we take the air into our bodies, though our breath, and as the wind circulates air around the planet, we are all actually sharing breath. Through the water cycle, as we take in water through our bodies and release it, water in its myriad forms of puddles, brooks, waves, snow, clouds, and so on, form and reform, sharing the same molecules.  Earth connects us through the minerals in our food (going in and going out), the materials of our dwellings & clothing, as well as by the action of gravity as we contact earth with our feet.  Fire connects us as the transmutation of carbon- we are a carbon-based life form-  for our lights, cooking, heat, transportation, and as vital sunshine. 

But beyond these elements, HOW are we all connected? — if , as Jeshua once told me, we are.

In meditation, recently, I got an image of  beads strung on a mala – a string of prayer beads.  I got an understanding that “we are all God’s mala” , connected through our hearts which are open…  I asked for more information and got this message:

This is Jeshua and Mary speaking as one.

 We see this image of the beads and the thread and it is a good metaphor, if you add holes going back to front, and side to side as well as top to bottom… each bead has multiple exits and entrances, in fact, but all share a similarity in that the center of each bead is hollow, so that the string may pass though in any direction.

Imagine your energies now seated within and extending beyond your bodies. They are porous by nature, though it is possible to temporarily erect a non-porous shield, however, your natural divine state is porous.  The threads of energy, created by common experience – what you might call history – and shared emotion, shared thought, shared source, etc., are running through your energy in many directions and extending to your brothers and sisters all around you, but with flexible threads that vary in length.

Imagine the rubber toys you have with flexible spines in all directions [like sea urchins] having the capacity to elongate their spines infinitely, and to be connected to many other such shapes in a mutually beneficial bonding – you see?  We are moving beyond the idea of beads in a single strand into a multi-dimensional model with infinite numbers and types of connections to all expressions of life-energy, not just human, but also animal, devic, mineral and so forth.

In fact the expression of this multiplicity of connection IS the world which appears in front of you when you wake each morning, and the play-verse you inhabit when you drop your bodies in sleep each night.  It is the connection – the playful Unity – that results in creation, and creation, as a process, that creates connections as Life progresses and expands.

You have understood that you already are all connected through the elements of air, water, earth and fire, but you now can also see that on an etheric level you are connected as well, and the strands that you envision are really more like a plasma, like a medium, rather than a line, or even a series of lines.

When you think on the connective systems of communication, for example, it is easier for you to visualize, in a linear fashion, a telephone wire, and then to allow the complexity to develop until you can imagine how the wireless internet works.  It is not necessary, unless it interests you, to understand how everything in the universe works, the important thing is to become aware that it does indeed function, have life, progress and expand, into a myriad of experiences, each of which blesses you with further expansion and returns to bless our Source, our Creator parents, in an infinite cycle of extension and return, revolving and continuing in its infinity spiral of Life living Life.

 Is this enough for now?

Yes, truly. I thank you and offer blessings and love.  (Channeled by Rev. Jennifer Donaldson)

~ Happy day everyone! got this message this morning and just now getting to post it. Am going out on a limb here, in seeing the results as hugely positive before they are announced, but personally i feel it is better to hold the light through this process, hold the space for the greatest good to come through, and just trust, rather than worry and fear.  Bless us all, everyone (HUG), Jennifer
Anyway, here is the message:

November 6, 2012
Jeshua & Mary Magdalen. We would offer you a perspective that will perhaps be useful.
Thank you that would be great!

This day is of great significance for, not only, your country but for the world civilization that is actively forming during these times. The leader you choose will see the way forward clearly into an era of cooperation, creative collaboration and active peace building. All places in your world long for the blessing of waking each day to a safe, gentle, open and abundant world.

Your choice today will not only slowly heal the polarity in your nation, but will initiate the era of peace for all people. Energy spreads, and the intention of opening into a new era filled with a deep and broad respect, even reverence for all of life, will be the opportunity which beckons, and indeed now waits, with gleeful anticipation, for each of you dear souls to step through into your lighter, happier expressions of individual blossoming. This is indeed a day of joy for us and for you. Rejoice!

—A channeling from Jeshua & Mary through Jennifer Donaldson

This blog has been quiet for many weeks due to an absorbing early Vermont Spring, with baby chicks to raise  and a big vegetable garden to plant.  Also, to be honest, i began reading so many other people’s blogs about our ascension progress that I began to “compare” – which is deadly – and to question: what’s the point of adding my messages to the mix?  So while i was doubting myself, i just let it be so, and then i stopped, and began to want to share again –  so here you go!  with my love…. jennifer

July 2, 2012  Mary Magdalen

Mary, would you have a message of encouragement to offer at this time?

Indeed. And gladly so. Many have been expecting great changes based on your ideas of transformation due in this period on your planet, and much – not visible to the naked eye – has been transpiring to shift the energies into their higher vibration to the benefit of you all. Many seek to understand these subtle energetic changes, but understanding with the mind will only give a partial picture, and one skewed at that. Your traditional frame of reference seeks to adjust new information, such as that being relayed through subconscious and unconscious pathways, to fit pre-existing patterns of perception, and structures of thought.

You cannot put the new Earth into the old Earth’s container. The expansion you have all created with your growing awareness means that your new perceptions will not fit into pre-existing mental arrangements – and that is what an intellectual understanding is. If you truly seek to understand, know that your most powerful means of comprehending, absorbing and knowing will be available to you through your breath, through your peace, through your inner conversations with your guides and teachers, through your intentional connection to your own knowing.

If you sense confusion in your mind, rest a bit, then contact your knowing levels, and an understanding will be delivered to you gently. Your mind is eager to lead, but in this new era, allow your mind to rest, relax, and take a back seat, go along for the ride. Your knowing levels can give you all the assurance you many need that the flow of expansion is surely happening in the greatest, smoothest possible way. Your Father and Mother are supporting every aspect of your expansion and respecting your own pacing as to how quickly you travel thru the upper levels of the 4th D into the 5th.

Each of you has an inner flow of development which proceeds at your perfect timing, allowing for all to be experienced and known in its most advantageous moment. So if you do not “know” something right at this time, wait a bit, it will come, surely as the sun rises each day and the flowers open each in their turn in one continuous flow of summer beauty across the land.

Mother Earth is a great teacher to you, if you will look to her and listen to her. Some of you are like daisies saying “when will I be a rose, why don’t I look like a buttercup, where is my purple fringe, why can’t I come sooner?” Each of you has an inner schedule – which is not quite the right word, but as I said before, the new Earth will not be like the old, and some of your language does not stretch to the new perception – just know that each of you will blossom into your potential, into your wholeness and offer your gift of love to the Earth in your own unique way when it happens, and not before and not after.

If you feel anticipation to be very distracting, then you are noticing that indeed anticipation is one of your best games for diverting your attention from the heart of the moment. It is like a candy flower distracting the bee from the experience of the true garden of life. Anticipating the future is not real, but is addicting to the mind, which seeks control. Anticipation is a great way to procrastinate actually coming into the great awareness of the honey of the present moment.

Let your days proceed, my dearest brothers and sisters, in a natural, gentle, calm and nurturing rhythm of movement which develops from feasting gratefully on the moment in which you find yourself, and you will proceed thus naturally, in tune with the expansion and flowering of Mother Earth herself. She will carry you her children with the greatest devotion, attending to your ease, your care, your every blessings, if you will align your heart with hers, and your knowing with her knowing, your trust with her trust, your ease with her perfection of timing.
All will come, does come, and is come, each moment, now and forever.

With great love and blessings to each of your hearts, Mary

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer

Jan. 26.  This post is a conversation with my beloved Mary Magdalen on the topic of mystery schools, the ancient schools which taught the universal mysteries. She and Jeshua both took part in such schools as pupils and I had been told through one of my channeled sessions with Lesley (an incomparable trance channel: ,) that I had been a pupil there too.  In 2006 I founded Through The Rose Mystery School at my  home here in Vermont to revive these teachings.  I have a classroom, a chapel for chanting & meditation in the woods called The Chapel of the Star & the Rose, and a stone circle for weaving the ascension energies called the Portal of the Rose.

I have been thinking/feeling alot into this topic of mystery schools, since I am currently redoing my website, and it has sparked a few more conversations with Mary. But for now, I will post this little talk from a few months ago as a starter. Feel free to leave any questions on this topic in the comment box, and I will ask Mary.  

(Nov. 9)  Dear Mary, I know you were my teacher in the Mystery Schools of Egypt, would you please tell me more about what and how we learned?

You have this memory within you, as bright as a star– it is just that it has been cloaked purposely to allow you to share a clearer understanding with the ones of your own place now.

Education is partly culturally driven and partly by timeless, ageless wisdom.  We did of course instruct in the mysteries of universal truth, the relationship with the Universal Father and Mother, and your present classes are in fact a re-creating of these types of sessions.  We did utilize the gifts of certain ones who were able to leave the body and channel, much as your sister Lesley does, in fact you participated with her then. You have all come back together again, most of you were in my classes then.

We wrote on a wax slate with a reed that was trimmed to a point.  We taught this writing and the pupils practiced.  The content would be mantras, or phrases of wisdom, something worth writing, as time was not wasted with rote learning as it came to be later when education was more of an exercise in control.

We did also teach dance, movement and music, with certain patterns choreographed and practiced to aid in the development of awareness of the body and memory.  Besides, it was fun, and enjoyment was encouraged.

Would you if asked, co-create with me a curriculum that would offer here a similar assortment of classes to play with our awakening memories?

Yes, most gladly.  You have been wanting to develop this school – but it has been in deference to your mate that we have waited patiently for such a time as you would have his full participation and blessing. And do you see this coming?  It has the potential, yes if you do not insist or ram it down his throat, and go slowly, a bit at a time.  His insistence that it bring you financial flow is perfectly legitimate—it is that we did receive tuition of different kinds, but occasionally a pupil would be gifted enough that tuition was waived for the great honor and pleasure of being a teacher of a bright one such as this.

Mary would you please continue this topic with me at a later time?  Most assuredly, my dear sister, as you like.

Great blessings to you and your beloved.

Jan. 15:  This is Jeshua.  Mary and I join with you all in sharing your joy on Planet Earth. As you progress with the Ascension, you are releasing so many of your old fears – the clinging which has kept you in limitation.  Limitation is the nature of structure. You create your structure to play the game in the physical realm… but so many are tired of the game, tired of struggle and suffering, weary of the intense excitement of not-knowing, and experience these now as corrosive, self-violent, so longer inspiring or exciting in any way.  Yes, even the excitement, the commitment to the adventure, has kept the game going.

But now, as your thought-structures-become-concrete fail and crack open, you are feeling the blessing of spaciousness – breathing space as you call it – release from a containment that has felt like imprisonment at times, and it feels good.  You are moving towards this greater ease, greater gentleness in your waking time, and becoming nurtured in the peace and trust.  Truly they are very womb-like.  This is the matrix of the Divine Feminine, a place of nurturing, rest re-birth, and gradually, movement – you kick your leg, swim a little, practicing the new body forming.  In this action, you begin the new creation of your own divine experience, truly yours and unique but shared by the One, shared at first through the umbilical-like cord as the new ones are greatly fed but the Mother, then later by the more dispersed energy system of the Father – the One Divine Intelligence.

What is energy?  Light, Love, Truth… it has numerous expressions. You see them as contextual, and so the different words.  We see them as energy playing in form, in speed, in color, in content – as a moonbeam carries one kind of light and a sun ray another, but differing only in expression, not in ultimate composition – again, a simile illustrating your perceptions of context.  Content varies in our realm as the power of expression which continues throughout all life, all time/eternity, not just your earthly life.

Content may express as angelic, as reptilian, as a planet or a solar system, as a temple, as a fruit – it is all love expressed, creation expressing.

Many on your world are waking up to the remembrance of love/truth/light and its powers of expression.  Circumstances, when they change, invite this remembrance.  One who becomes ill remembers the brother who used to be such an important part of their life and reaches out to reconnect, receiving again the mirror of their own divine love and forgiveness and acceptance.  One who has been working for years at a single employment is called into non-employment to rest and change direction in a way that remembers old gifts, old longings to be more involved in playing music, and calls their old friends and starts a band, sharing from a place of greater wisdom, greater self-acceptance, and then finds this mirrored in the ones who come to the coffee house to listen to the songs, and so again, greater peace is born on your world.

“May there be peace on Earth, Let it begin with me,” was a song seeded by such a one expressing their creative power, and now you see many of your world who would espouse this idea and find some way to express it in their own lives.  If you feel frustrated and confused by “how” to create this peace for yourself, remember the process used by the Divine Feminine – the womb of rest and self-nurturing, going within, honoring the crucible of birthing the self – it is the same with any new idea, the idea/thought being the sperm, the spark of life, and the womb of nurturing, the blood-sharing, the containment. Let the period of gestation be for in-forming through the matrix, through the DNA/RNA, the medium of informing,  and you will acquire all that you need to birth your new expression into the outer world – the place you all share your collective expression.  Have fun with this!  All love to you, Jeshua and Mary.

Jan. 12.

Here is some very practical advice from the ascended realms for our relationship with our physical bodies. I am always very amused  (and grateful) when non-physical ones can be so interested and helpful to us on this level.

[To Jeshua and Mary] Beloved ones: speak to us on the rhythm of life that is most nurturing to self.

As you are discovering, each one must feel this for themselves.  When one feels tired much of the time, then clearly this is not a comfortable state.  Honor your body with sunshine and fresh air and movement—with daily stretching and relaxation poses, with daily quiet as in meditation, with daily expressive joyful activities such as dancing and singing, cooking or gardening.

Your life is not intended to be sitting in front of a computer all day, and then doing the same all evening; this will be very draining for your life force.  Do remember to move around, and to take different body positions and to feed yourselves with water, fresh air and sunshine.

In the fifth dimension eating solid food will be optional—a tradition very much enjoyed and retained for its pleasure, but not needed by your new body.  On the other hand, your newly forming body, even now in its transitional state, needs revitalizing from air, movement, sunlight and pure water.  Avoid the plastic water bottles and look for glass, or use a filter.  Your own spring water or well water is very life-giving—more so fresh than if you take it always in a heated form such as boiling, or tea.  Drink lots of pure water.

And your body will tell you how it would best be nurtured.  Do you ask: “Body, Dear, what would feel best now?”  And listen for the answer to arise within you?  Do this repeatedly throughout the day. “Body, Dear, what would you most like now?” And practice this self-asking with no attachments of tradition, and you will be preparing yourself to enjoy your lighter body.

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