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A sea of sparkles…

Greetings, I am Jeshua. I am with you today, and always.

 I am delighted to be a part of your conversation today. And it is a beautiful thing to witness your openness, your reception, receptivity and your bemusing on the miracles, expansion, that is happening in your world today, and at this time. It is a most wondrous time. It is a most exciting time, very exciting for us to witness it with you and to participate as helpers and coaches and teachers ~ as we have all agreed to be a part of this together.

It is our great pleasure, very great pleasure, to remind you of who you really are and to support you in that awakening into your own knowing, the knowing of your divinity, as intrinsic, and the knowing of your divinity as inherently worthy, inherently loving, inherently creative, inherently alive and we share this with you. We are all of us circles within the divine Flower of Life ~ overlapping, strengthening one another, delighting in one another’s company and creations, each of us a unique and individual point of light and yet (also) having a radiance, a circumference of light, which when blending with a contiguous one next to us, a circle of light.  

We make together harmonies and beauty and miracles and flowers and rainbows and dancing light and all manner of levity, all manner of lightness of being, and we enjoy the play, enjoy the playfulness. It is tremendously renewing and tremendously sustaining. 

It is definitely easier if one can remember the path of lightness of being, of levity and laughter, joy, brightness, the beauty of sparkles dancing on the ocean. Drink them in. They are yours. They are yours to witness and yours that you have helped to create. They are your food and they are your gift.  

We are most grateful to you, to each of you, for your loving reception of us as your partners, as your beloveds, as your friends and playmates. We are having the utmost fun and wish the same on you. We offer you each an etheric hug, perhaps you can feel the squeezing of your energy as we surround you. Now we step back to allow you to relax in the full radiance of your own beautiful selves. Farewell for now. 

Thank You, Jeshua.

Channeled by Jennifer Donaldson September 2022

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