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Feb. 10: We are the Hathors. We speak as One. We welcome this opportunity to share encouragement to en-hearten your journey, dear ones –  your journey Home and beyond!  Yes, you are returning to your true state of connectedness and creatorship. You are returning to the remembrance of your nature as Love.  And love does not only flow towards the heart of the creator, but also flows out again. As you bring air into your center and send it forth, enriched by your own self, so does the Creator breathe in the light and love of your sharing and then blessing you, sends you forth to gather more experience.
Adventures is what it is all about.  Some take adventures into frequencies that are less than love… and this is exactly what you yourselves have done.  But you do not do so to revel in fear; you do so to carry the love you are into the denser vibration, because it is your nature to be love. Disguised as anything else at all, it is still love in motion, love in intention, love in essence.  All is [love].  It is just play-acting if it seems not to be.
What of cruelty, maliciousness?
Very rare [in intention]. Most violence is an expression of inner pain at the belief in separation.  At any moment you each are a breath away from being the love you are.  Choose to come from love, or come from fear.  But until you understand your ability to choose, most of you feel controlled by circumstances, helpless and fearful. This is the power of choice. If you once choose love – it is extremely liberating.  You are freed from the domination of fear, and therefore not compelled by your fear to act in unloving ways to anyone else. It is so simple, is not?
All is based in love or separation from that love.  The choice to separate from love is extremely rare. Some choose to know even this, usually for the purpose of understanding a deep dark space of possibility. You do so enjoy your contrasts, your sweet and sour, your hot and cold…it is part of the physical playground to hold experiences of polarity.  But it is all play ultimately.
No harm really exists.  You see so clearly this when you put down a thriller – oh, it is just a story, or when you wake from a bad dream –oh, it is just a nightmare. But it is harder for you to accept that your“reality” is really a grand creation of polarity, an absorbing game of light and shadow, which has developed into an amazingly complex and interesting compulsion for you.  That is why you have returned again and again, life after life.  You always say – I can do it this time, I can remember my love, I can live within polarity and remember to choose love and solve the maze.  For it is a maze, and many get temporarily lost and feel they are hopelessly so.  But that is never truly the case.
 Once you decide you have had enough, you can quickly locate an exit – be it a means of ending the physical life, or a means of choosing love, and then consistently and deliberately heading for Home.  You always have the power to choose. And when you are quite finished, you will no doubt find a new game to play.  You are such grand creators, our dear Earth friends!
We will stop now, we have given a long enough discourse today,  We  hope you have enjoyed this expansive view which we so gladly share in the spirit of blessing each and all of you reading this.  In GREAT LOVE. The Hathors.

Jan. 12. We would speak with you tonight.  We are the Hathors.  Our world resounds with celebration and exuberant expressions of joy at the rise of creativity in your world.  We see so many of you beginning to offer your own creations to one another, not so much for gain, but for communicating the more that you are becoming.  Many of you have been arriving at this freedom in this last period and it is gushing forth with great mastery. Even your initial attempts are coming through with power, because you are aligning with your creatorship and playing in the abilities with you have always had, but just now allowing yourselves to express to one another.

There is creating happening consciously through many media, in food preparation, in writing, in arranging natural materials, in music and mixed media sculpture, and especially in thoughts,  and [through] the delight you are taking in seeing, knowing, trusting the connection with your manifesting [of] your own lives.  Yes, some of this is collectively done, and much of that still unconsciously, but more and more, you are realizing your own part in the display of “reality” you see in your lives.

We are so very excited for you, so ecstatic in fact that you are coming into your understanding of yr own powers of PLAY, and of how your creative choices translate into elements of your days, through which you desire to manifest YOURSELVES.  You are your reality. You are your Truth.  You are your PLAY. You are your joy.  Have great fun, our beloved ones. We watch you with enormous happiness.  Peace and Joy.

Your friends, the Hathors.

Jan. 2:  We wish to speak.  We are the Hathors.  Through many lifetimes of connection we arrive again in your life to teach, encourage, and bless you all.  All who are guided to this message will find a new day, a renewal of previous teachings brought forward in a new way for your perusal, for your delectation.

We share with you to amuse you, really, as there is no real Need.  You have arrived at a place of deliriously wondrous completion and we congratulate you.   Enjoy, relax, rest — as you are all weary of this great energetic push to bring forward the light – but it is done now.  You are stretching, spreading outward in a glorious fashion, unencumbered by fear, by doubt, released from your self-constraints.  It is most marvelous to behold.

Just be… just relax into the gentle joy of your own true nature. There is nothing left to fret about or struggle for… it is all a matter now of riding, coasting your energies down hill ~ meandering ~ being tourists in the new age, having fun in any way your like ~ resting often ~ playing in great abandon & frivolity ~ exploring whatever takes your fancy.

You may well wonder ~ am I forgetting something important? Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do?  But then the thought is replaced with a gentle knowing that whatever you choose each day, in each moment, is just fine, is just lovely, is You learning to float; relax into the potential and play according to whatever you desire that day.  If there is something for you to remember – a previous commitment – it will be brought to your awareness.  If you forget – So Be It.  Not a problem – merely a challenge for others to rest into their own trust in Life to solve all difficulties.  As you now come into the resting in your own nature, you will find the experience enormously satisfying.  We bless you.

Hathor pillars support this temple in ancient Egypt at Dendera

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