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Jan. 12.

Here is some very practical advice from the ascended realms for our relationship with our physical bodies. I am always very amused  (and grateful) when non-physical ones can be so interested and helpful to us on this level.

[To Jeshua and Mary] Beloved ones: speak to us on the rhythm of life that is most nurturing to self.

As you are discovering, each one must feel this for themselves.  When one feels tired much of the time, then clearly this is not a comfortable state.  Honor your body with sunshine and fresh air and movement—with daily stretching and relaxation poses, with daily quiet as in meditation, with daily expressive joyful activities such as dancing and singing, cooking or gardening.

Your life is not intended to be sitting in front of a computer all day, and then doing the same all evening; this will be very draining for your life force.  Do remember to move around, and to take different body positions and to feed yourselves with water, fresh air and sunshine.

In the fifth dimension eating solid food will be optional—a tradition very much enjoyed and retained for its pleasure, but not needed by your new body.  On the other hand, your newly forming body, even now in its transitional state, needs revitalizing from air, movement, sunlight and pure water.  Avoid the plastic water bottles and look for glass, or use a filter.  Your own spring water or well water is very life-giving—more so fresh than if you take it always in a heated form such as boiling, or tea.  Drink lots of pure water.

And your body will tell you how it would best be nurtured.  Do you ask: “Body, Dear, what would feel best now?”  And listen for the answer to arise within you?  Do this repeatedly throughout the day. “Body, Dear, what would you most like now?” And practice this self-asking with no attachments of tradition, and you will be preparing yourself to enjoy your lighter body.

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