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My purpose in offering this blog is to encourage and inspire our knowing in this unprecedented time of conscious evolution by sharing messages channeled from the Ascended Masters and Angels as they come forward to share with us. I have been learning from Jeshua and Mary Magdalen for years now, but just recently felt clear enough to begin to channel guidance from them for humanity. In this blog, I will share the messages as I receive them, my experience with this (to me still) miraculous form of communication, and also, links to other wondrous channeled material that I have come across in my years of fascination with channeling.
I imagine that readers may wonder why I would go out on a limb like this, how I got started, how and why I believe it is possible to talk with Jeshua and the others in my inner reality, what they (I think of them as my spiritual Team) have to say on this topic or that topic relevant to our times, etc. Well, we will address all that as we go along.

In Jeshua’s words on the first day of channeling: “This is the beginning…”

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