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 May 9, 2012. This is Gabriel.  We are most pleased to address you in this time of shifting glory.  Shifting because so much is changing on your world and much is changing within each of you to the degree that you are open and choosing to actively grow.
You are making yourselves anew from the inside out, rotating on a continuous basis – energetically – like the images of the tube torus that are beginning to be more common on your world.  Some are even now able to see with their human eyes & inner sight combined, this flow of energy, and many more are sensing this flow and picturing it in their intuitive vision.  Images such as you pass around your internet are helpful and inspiring to many who are reaching for some way to materialize what they sense.
So, wondrous indeed is this shifting, flowing, infinitely renewing/renewable energy that expresses itself as YOU! And therein the glory of you.  What is glory and why would many of you stop there and say: “glory is a bit much, really , now.”  Ah, but this is hubris, covering yourself with dirt, burrowing like a worm.  Dear ones, you are not worms!  They are lovely, in their place, such gentle, patient creatures doing the work of forming the soil for growth. Thank the worm kingdom, but you are not created for the purpose of building soil!
You are created to create wondrous and boundless light-filled blessings: toys, tools, circumstances, songs, paintings, marvelous buildings. You are created to create whatever your desire.  You have, together, created your whole world. Yes, even the body of the Mother Earth herself, you have helped to create, through your envisioning of this world that surrounds you, in which you delight to adventure.  Her soul you did not create, as you did not create your own soul.  These are gifts made of the greatest love from your father/mother Creator principle, whose wholeness and grandness you can only begin to comprehend.  But this too will grow.
All expands – understanding, creation, love – its nature is to grow. As the tree grows from the little nut (quite exquisite in its form and potential) into the great and glorious oak, so too do you grow, on your long and wondrous journey and progress from the flame of baby soul birthed in source’s heart to the grand and endlessly generous, generating, creator being who is a reflection of – and in fact the materialization of – the Creator him/herself. Be excited, my beloved human souls, you are cracking the nut.  Be blessed and reach for the sky!
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Feb. 10: We are the Hathors. We speak as One. We welcome this opportunity to share encouragement to en-hearten your journey, dear ones –  your journey Home and beyond!  Yes, you are returning to your true state of connectedness and creatorship. You are returning to the remembrance of your nature as Love.  And love does not only flow towards the heart of the creator, but also flows out again. As you bring air into your center and send it forth, enriched by your own self, so does the Creator breathe in the light and love of your sharing and then blessing you, sends you forth to gather more experience.
Adventures is what it is all about.  Some take adventures into frequencies that are less than love… and this is exactly what you yourselves have done.  But you do not do so to revel in fear; you do so to carry the love you are into the denser vibration, because it is your nature to be love. Disguised as anything else at all, it is still love in motion, love in intention, love in essence.  All is [love].  It is just play-acting if it seems not to be.
What of cruelty, maliciousness?
Very rare [in intention]. Most violence is an expression of inner pain at the belief in separation.  At any moment you each are a breath away from being the love you are.  Choose to come from love, or come from fear.  But until you understand your ability to choose, most of you feel controlled by circumstances, helpless and fearful. This is the power of choice. If you once choose love – it is extremely liberating.  You are freed from the domination of fear, and therefore not compelled by your fear to act in unloving ways to anyone else. It is so simple, is not?
All is based in love or separation from that love.  The choice to separate from love is extremely rare. Some choose to know even this, usually for the purpose of understanding a deep dark space of possibility. You do so enjoy your contrasts, your sweet and sour, your hot and cold…it is part of the physical playground to hold experiences of polarity.  But it is all play ultimately.
No harm really exists.  You see so clearly this when you put down a thriller – oh, it is just a story, or when you wake from a bad dream –oh, it is just a nightmare. But it is harder for you to accept that your“reality” is really a grand creation of polarity, an absorbing game of light and shadow, which has developed into an amazingly complex and interesting compulsion for you.  That is why you have returned again and again, life after life.  You always say – I can do it this time, I can remember my love, I can live within polarity and remember to choose love and solve the maze.  For it is a maze, and many get temporarily lost and feel they are hopelessly so.  But that is never truly the case.
 Once you decide you have had enough, you can quickly locate an exit – be it a means of ending the physical life, or a means of choosing love, and then consistently and deliberately heading for Home.  You always have the power to choose. And when you are quite finished, you will no doubt find a new game to play.  You are such grand creators, our dear Earth friends!
We will stop now, we have given a long enough discourse today,  We  hope you have enjoyed this expansive view which we so gladly share in the spirit of blessing each and all of you reading this.  In GREAT LOVE. The Hathors.

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