Dec. 7:  Jeshua, would you like to speak with us? Indeed. This is a great day on Earth, as so many of you have come to understand your oneness and offered a hand in loving compassion to another – just because your heart tells you it wants to, just because you can, just because you are happier being in the energy of compassion than in the energy of competition.  It is always a choice, dears, always up to you – which is more fun, really? Which affords you expansion, which demands retraction? You are all coming to sense that not only do you have a choice, you are much happier taking the path toward global harmony, singing in chorus rather than fighting to be heard.

Now.  Listening is a great art, almost lost in your world. As you learn to be in presence with each other, settle into your heart and receive the gift of another’s experience. Don’t try to agree or disagree, top it or cut it off with your own flow—just allow the stream of giving to come to you, enriching you with shared experience. Then when there is a natural turn, a natural pause, or even a question which propels the energy back in the other direction, feel into your own heart and share from your own beingness.  Sometimes it will be with a laugh, sometimes with a tear, or a story of an experience which affirms your common humanity, but let the exchange originate from your heart and play at that level.

You are all so practiced at the mind jousts, trying to surpass or unseat one another.  Let your ways of sharing words be filled with genuine honesty, filled with love, overflowing with the tender gift of hearing another well.  Be this in pairs or in groups, restoring the blessed act of listening is a true choice for peace.

The act of listening also places you in a sensory-receptive state whereby you are more able to feel your own life flowing through your cells.  This flow is full of news, it is your own personal source of awareness, like television, but “felt-a-vision”, multi-sensory.  Let this way of perceiving inform your awareness, dear ones.  You will have such excellent fun with this.  Great blessings to you all.