Dec. 19:  I am called Gabriel.  I speak with you to wish you a peaceful holiday season. During this time when so many hold the energy of frantic, anxious, short-tempered, fearful of judgment – remind yourselves to seek and settle into frequent lulls, calms, pockets of quiet.  Carry peace with you in your breathing; breathe peace in, exhale peace, be quiet from the noise, the talking, the sounds of clashing competition.  Breathe into your Essence and out from your Essence, and in a few moments you will feel the beneficial effects, the realignment with your humor, your poise, your love.

This is a gentle reminder to you to see the angel within yourself, rather than desperately trying to find it or recreate it around you, in scenery, cards, wrapping paper, even church services. Your angel lives within you. Each of you has such a part of self who has not been bruised by the forgetting, the fracturing, the faceting of the physical density.

Each of you is connected to a level of peace and purity  (that is pure as in not polluted with dense fragments of veil, not pure as in non-sexual.  We do not require sexual purity of anyone.  In the form in which we express ourselves, an energetic form, not physical, there is frequently a joyous and ecstatic merging with other expressions of Self, other aspects of Divinity, for the purpose of experiencing the joy of this sharing.  In your realm you think of the merging with one another as a union of bodies.  The ecstasy comes from the union of energies with others who have undergone dissimilar adventures, absorbed sensations and thoughts from myriad varieties of contacts in the Universe, and so we greatly enjoy entering into this sharing. But I digress…)

I invite you again to remember your peace, as its companionship will greatly assist you to gain the richness of all potential expression, rather than approaching what is available to you with the denser energies of franticness and anxiety.  Relax, dear ones, breathe, and be at peace.  The days are turning quickly now for all of you, it is not possible for you to “do everything,” even if you try.  So allow yourselves to proceed through your days with a gentle heart. Open to the blessings offered you in each moment, sharing freely (but not frantically) of those blessings, and resting in the flow of what is happening in your moments.  That is enough.  It does not need to be more.

In resting within your felt experience, you are able to share inwardly in a much fuller way with all of your levels, and they in turn with you, so that there is a flow and overflow, flow and overflow – nurturing to every part of you from your cells to your children.  Be most embraced in the blessings of your own hearts, beloved ones.  You are so greatly loved.  Gabriel.