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Jan. 12.

Here is some very practical advice from the ascended realms for our relationship with our physical bodies. I am always very amused  (and grateful) when non-physical ones can be so interested and helpful to us on this level.

[To Jeshua and Mary] Beloved ones: speak to us on the rhythm of life that is most nurturing to self.

As you are discovering, each one must feel this for themselves.  When one feels tired much of the time, then clearly this is not a comfortable state.  Honor your body with sunshine and fresh air and movement—with daily stretching and relaxation poses, with daily quiet as in meditation, with daily expressive joyful activities such as dancing and singing, cooking or gardening.

Your life is not intended to be sitting in front of a computer all day, and then doing the same all evening; this will be very draining for your life force.  Do remember to move around, and to take different body positions and to feed yourselves with water, fresh air and sunshine.

In the fifth dimension eating solid food will be optional—a tradition very much enjoyed and retained for its pleasure, but not needed by your new body.  On the other hand, your newly forming body, even now in its transitional state, needs revitalizing from air, movement, sunlight and pure water.  Avoid the plastic water bottles and look for glass, or use a filter.  Your own spring water or well water is very life-giving—more so fresh than if you take it always in a heated form such as boiling, or tea.  Drink lots of pure water.

And your body will tell you how it would best be nurtured.  Do you ask: “Body, Dear, what would feel best now?”  And listen for the answer to arise within you?  Do this repeatedly throughout the day. “Body, Dear, what would you most like now?” And practice this self-asking with no attachments of tradition, and you will be preparing yourself to enjoy your lighter body.

Dec. 29: This is Jeshua.  I would take this opportunity to speak with all of your dear selves in the spirit of thanks and celebration for the great awakening that is taking place now on a massive scale throughout your dear Mother planet.  Many of you who have been torchbearers and already awake in your knowingness of your nature as Love, as sons and daughters of God, have already perceived your connection with all living beings and felt the wonder of this, and the pain of separation fall away in all directions; your perseverance is actualizing in the breadth of the seachange happening all over your world as more and more of your brothers and sisters choose joy over pain.

As more and more are relinquishing their tight grasp of control on circumstances and are relaxing into [the] unexpected sweetness of whatever blessings are offered in each moment, they are becoming more and more excited about their new perspective.  This enthusiasm, stirring as hope in so many hearts, is showing up in countless expressions in people’s lives.  All of you are learning to be a blessing to one another and to spread your innate caring heart-flow throughout your environments and social situations.  Whether caressing a flower or handing it to a neighbor, the sheer pleasure of resting in the energy of shared appreciation is a great balm to your spirits.

You would say “spirits”, as your expression goes, but in reality it is your minds that need the balm, that are war-weary with all the inner conflict, wounded from your lifetimes of mistrust, aching from all the tension of trying, forcing, pushing yourselves to fit some pre-conceived mold. It is as if you have been jamming your energies, and each other’s, into shoes that were never intended for your feet.  You have all bought into this drama, and played it out in many configurations, but in the end, it was not a healthy fit for you, not a life-giving environment for you to progress in.  So.  Now you are setting down the game, allowing your feet to play in the clear brook, to dance bravely and trustingly upon the clover, knowing that you have been given these blessings and can nurture yourselves with this greater freedom.

And what of those who do not have clean water or soft green plants to dance upon?  They are beginning to notice this and claim another future.  They are opening to the potential within their own environment and beginning to dream up ways to restore the water, restore healthy soil.  The balance of nature has been severely disturbed in both industrialized and agricultural countries.  But the technology [for healing] is being shared in many places, bringing light and hope to many peoples. The wisdom rising in people’s hearts, through their dreams, through their collaborative discussions, is coming forward to inspire and energize and shift the scenario to one of greater ease for all of you.

Very few of you have actually believed that your lives could, and should, be full of gentleness and ease, be smooth – without friction, be blessed and without condemnation. You have all chosen the difficult path of struggle.  It is still reflected in your language, your commitment to fight for [or against]  this or that — a disease, a structure of society such as in government, or even mass lack as in hunger.  All of these things show up in your world because of your commitment to them. They each serve in some way as a tool for experiencing the polarity of your world – either hunger or abundance, either control or freedom, either illness or well-being.  You desire to win the one through the ordeal of the other; that is the path you have all been committed to.

By fighting, you push yourselves energetically to gain the other polarity, whereas if you just stop, rest, relax, and respond to each other in gentle loving ways each day, you would solve all of your difficulties. No one would go unfed, no one would be oppressed or dominating, no one would create ghastly malfunctions of what was intended to be a self-healing biological/spiritual system.

The spiritual is what has been out of whack.  Through your fear you have relied for so long on the structured religions to hold the entire realm of spiritual truth.  That, as you all can plainly see, is changing now.  People are claiming their own spiritual nature as intrinsic and given, and that is making a big difference in many lives.  Can you imagine everyone waking up and recognizing their intrinsic mind and determining to think for themselves instead of the thinking the thoughts they have been told to think?  This same freedom is being claimed on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels too.

We see this and can assure you of your brilliance in progressing on your chosen ascension.  All of you are lifting up the others as you go, as you grow, as you open your eyes and hearts, and dance hand in hand upon the dear Mother, you are bringing your world into a healed and joyful space of peace.  Be assured my beloved ones.  All is well.  We wish you all the joy your lives can hold. Here it is.  Jeshua

This post is a wonderful gift from Jeshua, in which he shares some insight into the context and purpose of his life on Earth, and the most important idea which he seeded, which is now coming to fruition for so many.

(Note: my words are in parentheses.)


Dec. 14:  This is Jeshua.  I am pleased to speak with you today.  Whatever you wish can be a topic for conversation.

(Dead Sea Scrolls?)

These were discovered to be writing of an ancient people living in a remote area near Qumran.  They were part of the library of the Essenes that was dispersed and hidden for safe-keeping to preserve the very ancient texts that were studied in the schools and religious communities of the Essenes in preparation for the great opening to the higher realms which occurred in my lifetime on Earth.   The Essenes were place-keepers, and vibration stewards, holding, to as high a degree of purity as possible, the universal truths which have been brought to you over and over through the ages.


The Essenes were able to maintain through many generations a line of understanding with much integrity, with minimal distortion, and so were a perfect chalice – so to speak- for the living ambassador of Truth to manifest within.  We all worked together to bring this forth, but it required a focal point, one who would embody and bring into physicality the greater vibration of Truth, the essence of creation, the purest expression of the love the Father has for all of us, and within the context of the reverence of the Mother as the life-giver – both human and planetary mothers.


In those times, the connection with the Mother was more intact, a natural heritage from the Goddess centered religions, and women taught their children the reverence for all aspects of  Earthly expression, the plant kingdom, the creatures, the cycles of moon and sun and stars, the planting and nurturing and harvest; thus they participated in the creation in a joyful and thankful way, as you see still maintained by indigenous peoples all over the world.


So you see, the people of that time were in much greater need of re-connection to the Father, to the source of life, truth, love from the energetic, universal unseen perspective, which was considered very esoteric and obscure.  The culture was a simple needs-based culture, rather than philosophical or considering of the creation of ideas, or creation with the power of thought.  This was a great marvel to those we shared with.


(What was the most important IDEA of your teaching?)

The kingdom of God is within, that all awareness of universal truth is to be found within each one of us – and not on the pages of a book.  This was and still is very radical.  And for this I was condemned.  Many were fearful then and are so today at the idea of such a concept of being hard-wired to God.  It means we each carry Truth within, we each bear the likeness of the Father – oh, now I must cease my competition, I must set down my stick of domination, I must even actually come to trust my neighbor, my enemy and embrace them as divine brothers and sisters.


Of course, then as now, many are not aware of their essential nature, so do not display or exemplify their inborn status as children of God, as source from Source.  So we encourage and plant seeds, we are patient and gentle, providing all manner of reverence for each other, to allow the environment for the seed of truth to grown into full realization.


Then one is able to step into conscious brotherhood, conscious co-creation as children of the Creator, within the physical matrix – the bringer of miracles through the power of thought, the mechanism of clear choice.

So it is to trust before each have fully reached trust-worthiness, so as to create the nurturing psychological/emotional environment for that awareness to blossom.


Is this enough for now?  (Yes, thank you. All love to you.)

My greatest blessings always.

Dec. 7:  Jeshua, would you like to speak with us? Indeed. This is a great day on Earth, as so many of you have come to understand your oneness and offered a hand in loving compassion to another – just because your heart tells you it wants to, just because you can, just because you are happier being in the energy of compassion than in the energy of competition.  It is always a choice, dears, always up to you – which is more fun, really? Which affords you expansion, which demands retraction? You are all coming to sense that not only do you have a choice, you are much happier taking the path toward global harmony, singing in chorus rather than fighting to be heard.

Now.  Listening is a great art, almost lost in your world. As you learn to be in presence with each other, settle into your heart and receive the gift of another’s experience. Don’t try to agree or disagree, top it or cut it off with your own flow—just allow the stream of giving to come to you, enriching you with shared experience. Then when there is a natural turn, a natural pause, or even a question which propels the energy back in the other direction, feel into your own heart and share from your own beingness.  Sometimes it will be with a laugh, sometimes with a tear, or a story of an experience which affirms your common humanity, but let the exchange originate from your heart and play at that level.

You are all so practiced at the mind jousts, trying to surpass or unseat one another.  Let your ways of sharing words be filled with genuine honesty, filled with love, overflowing with the tender gift of hearing another well.  Be this in pairs or in groups, restoring the blessed act of listening is a true choice for peace.

The act of listening also places you in a sensory-receptive state whereby you are more able to feel your own life flowing through your cells.  This flow is full of news, it is your own personal source of awareness, like television, but “felt-a-vision”, multi-sensory.  Let this way of perceiving inform your awareness, dear ones.  You will have such excellent fun with this.  Great blessings to you all.

Dec. 4, 2011  This is Jeshua.  I am delighted to address you on this inaugural post. We in these realms are very excited to have another channel open to receive us, in dialogue, in curiosity, in co-creation. We are all eternal friends ~ and so, greetings!  This one [me, Jenny] laughs at this word usage, because of the image of little green martians spilling out of flying saucers in your early cartoons.  Well, let me say, we are not – usually – green, nor do we have a need for metal, saucer-like contraptions.  Nor do we (most of us) [LOL] have antennae on our heads.   And yet, the friendliness of the unknown-to-you beings who visited your childhood cartoons did us all a service, as it established for us all (in the physical realms and higher dimensions) the link, the portal for future possibilities.


Those here who would stand as teacher to you have done so willingly since the descent into the denser vibrations of your physical world. We have sought and found ways to become known to you, to assist you in remembering your true nature and to ease the suffering you all have felt at the perceived separation from God, All That Is, your wondrous Home, your eternal freedom, unconditional and ever-deepening love.


We speak, when we are given such an opportunity, to you to encourage, to uplift, to offer you a broader perspective.   We encourage you to entertain a broadness of mind and an openness of heart, for you truly have no idea of the marvelous universe and the adventures in store for you as the consciousness of humanity continues to  ascend in understanding, trust and expansive love for life itself!


We shall have many wondrous conversations in the months and years to come, so please, write [to Jenny] your pressing questions and they shall be addressed as time and space permit – this is a most interesting medium is it not, this web-logging?  We shall enjoy together reconnecting ourselves with each other’s energies, and celebrating together the most wonderful time those on your planet have ever known.  Great blessings to you.

November 23, 2011  (post dated, FYI)

This is Jeshua.

I will begin by saying I am delighted to wish you all a most happy day of giving thanks.  It is an occasion which it would do well to celebrate on a regular basis, as the enjoyment is felt even in these realms and the gratitude is in a very high vibration which connects you all deeply with one another, but even more importantly – and perhaps less obvious to you – your gratitude connects you to your own creator powers.

By aligning with the acknowledging of receiving the blessings which you have chosen, you impel the energy of creation to bring you additional blessings, which of course the Universe is most happy to do.  So you see the energy is multiplied and charged with movement to bring into manifestation your desires, which, at this season, are the joys of family and friends, of a home-coming of acceptance and good will – essentially you recreate on Earth the welcome and the loving environment always offered to you in these realms when you visit in your dreams.

Abundance of all kinds, an honoring of the gifts of Mother Earth and a reveling in the joys of family – that is a reflection of the blessings always available to you in the loving home of our Father and Mother.   Do not be discouraged at any small ways in which your earthly celebration falls short of that which you long for—it is the nature of your human adventure to disappoint, because of the unreal expectations you put upon it.  Most in your world are just beginning to wake up to their true loving nature, and so this year for the first time on your planet since the earliest days in spiritual form, you will be capable of expressing to one another a much greater degree of true appreciation for the blessing each one is, in your social contexts.

There will be a surge of pleasure and peaceful joy rising from many, many dwellings on your Thanksgiving Day that will be generating a palpable energy field which we in  our realm can move in various ways to envelope even the most hard-hearted ones, softening their despair and gently opening for them a hope that indeed there may be a way forward our of their pain and isolation.

And so, you see, dear one, that this day of which you are all so fond may be extended to all of you – every single one – energetically bringing the benefit of peace and warmth and inclusivity in the greater humanity.  Many now, in addition, are waking up to the fact that it is imperative that ALL be included, that you are one human family, and until all are loved and all are fed – your purpose on earth is not complete.

(Thank you Jeshua, for your blessings on this occasion.)

All love to you.

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