This blog has been quiet for many weeks due to an absorbing early Vermont Spring, with baby chicks to raise  and a big vegetable garden to plant.  Also, to be honest, i began reading so many other people’s blogs about our ascension progress that I began to “compare” – which is deadly – and to question: what’s the point of adding my messages to the mix?  So while i was doubting myself, i just let it be so, and then i stopped, and began to want to share again –  so here you go!  with my love…. jennifer

July 2, 2012  Mary Magdalen

Mary, would you have a message of encouragement to offer at this time?

Indeed. And gladly so. Many have been expecting great changes based on your ideas of transformation due in this period on your planet, and much – not visible to the naked eye – has been transpiring to shift the energies into their higher vibration to the benefit of you all. Many seek to understand these subtle energetic changes, but understanding with the mind will only give a partial picture, and one skewed at that. Your traditional frame of reference seeks to adjust new information, such as that being relayed through subconscious and unconscious pathways, to fit pre-existing patterns of perception, and structures of thought.

You cannot put the new Earth into the old Earth’s container. The expansion you have all created with your growing awareness means that your new perceptions will not fit into pre-existing mental arrangements – and that is what an intellectual understanding is. If you truly seek to understand, know that your most powerful means of comprehending, absorbing and knowing will be available to you through your breath, through your peace, through your inner conversations with your guides and teachers, through your intentional connection to your own knowing.

If you sense confusion in your mind, rest a bit, then contact your knowing levels, and an understanding will be delivered to you gently. Your mind is eager to lead, but in this new era, allow your mind to rest, relax, and take a back seat, go along for the ride. Your knowing levels can give you all the assurance you many need that the flow of expansion is surely happening in the greatest, smoothest possible way. Your Father and Mother are supporting every aspect of your expansion and respecting your own pacing as to how quickly you travel thru the upper levels of the 4th D into the 5th.

Each of you has an inner flow of development which proceeds at your perfect timing, allowing for all to be experienced and known in its most advantageous moment. So if you do not “know” something right at this time, wait a bit, it will come, surely as the sun rises each day and the flowers open each in their turn in one continuous flow of summer beauty across the land.

Mother Earth is a great teacher to you, if you will look to her and listen to her. Some of you are like daisies saying “when will I be a rose, why don’t I look like a buttercup, where is my purple fringe, why can’t I come sooner?” Each of you has an inner schedule – which is not quite the right word, but as I said before, the new Earth will not be like the old, and some of your language does not stretch to the new perception – just know that each of you will blossom into your potential, into your wholeness and offer your gift of love to the Earth in your own unique way when it happens, and not before and not after.

If you feel anticipation to be very distracting, then you are noticing that indeed anticipation is one of your best games for diverting your attention from the heart of the moment. It is like a candy flower distracting the bee from the experience of the true garden of life. Anticipating the future is not real, but is addicting to the mind, which seeks control. Anticipation is a great way to procrastinate actually coming into the great awareness of the honey of the present moment.

Let your days proceed, my dearest brothers and sisters, in a natural, gentle, calm and nurturing rhythm of movement which develops from feasting gratefully on the moment in which you find yourself, and you will proceed thus naturally, in tune with the expansion and flowering of Mother Earth herself. She will carry you her children with the greatest devotion, attending to your ease, your care, your every blessings, if you will align your heart with hers, and your knowing with her knowing, your trust with her trust, your ease with her perfection of timing.
All will come, does come, and is come, each moment, now and forever.

With great love and blessings to each of your hearts, Mary

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer

 May 9, 2012. This is Gabriel.  We are most pleased to address you in this time of shifting glory.  Shifting because so much is changing on your world and much is changing within each of you to the degree that you are open and choosing to actively grow.
You are making yourselves anew from the inside out, rotating on a continuous basis – energetically – like the images of the tube torus that are beginning to be more common on your world.  Some are even now able to see with their human eyes & inner sight combined, this flow of energy, and many more are sensing this flow and picturing it in their intuitive vision.  Images such as you pass around your internet are helpful and inspiring to many who are reaching for some way to materialize what they sense.
So, wondrous indeed is this shifting, flowing, infinitely renewing/renewable energy that expresses itself as YOU! And therein the glory of you.  What is glory and why would many of you stop there and say: “glory is a bit much, really , now.”  Ah, but this is hubris, covering yourself with dirt, burrowing like a worm.  Dear ones, you are not worms!  They are lovely, in their place, such gentle, patient creatures doing the work of forming the soil for growth. Thank the worm kingdom, but you are not created for the purpose of building soil!
You are created to create wondrous and boundless light-filled blessings: toys, tools, circumstances, songs, paintings, marvelous buildings. You are created to create whatever your desire.  You have, together, created your whole world. Yes, even the body of the Mother Earth herself, you have helped to create, through your envisioning of this world that surrounds you, in which you delight to adventure.  Her soul you did not create, as you did not create your own soul.  These are gifts made of the greatest love from your father/mother Creator principle, whose wholeness and grandness you can only begin to comprehend.  But this too will grow.
All expands – understanding, creation, love – its nature is to grow. As the tree grows from the little nut (quite exquisite in its form and potential) into the great and glorious oak, so too do you grow, on your long and wondrous journey and progress from the flame of baby soul birthed in source’s heart to the grand and endlessly generous, generating, creator being who is a reflection of – and in fact the materialization of – the Creator him/herself. Be excited, my beloved human souls, you are cracking the nut.  Be blessed and reach for the sky!
channeled by Jennifer at

(April 25, 2012) Sometimes, i’m just sitting in meditation, knowing that i’m open to channeling a message that i can post, as much to encourage myself as all other readers, and I don’t have any agenda or topic in mind.  So this is how this one started: Okay, who would like to offer a message to the blog? (pause) then the words just flow… enjoy!

Gabriel: My dears, we greet you this day in your earth time.  We see your shining energies and rejoice that so much light is brightening your planet every day, even when you feel discouraged or impatient for the full manifestation of the New Earth. Of course it is not going to happen in one fell swoop. Such suddenness would be hugely disconcerting for all of you.  Let it build gradually, knowing and trusting that each day brings more light, and with each incremental increase in light, more of you are encouraged to find your peace, love yourselves and your neighbors, sing a new song of creation.

Your old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is apt here, as you are now dreaming and manifesting a new global civilization, where all of you will have more space to co-create, to dance together in the new energies, to come together in multitudes of expressions that will become more wondrous and interesting than anything you could have ever hoped for.

And remember too, you are not beginning with a clean slate, so to speak.  The past and the present are not just wiped out for you to begin to create your future.  Your now moments include elements of past creation, remnants, old energies, memories, patched and faded, still in use because there are those who still believe in them, or repair and maintain them. And so they will persist, until eventually they will be allowed to disperse.  These are old patterns, old beliefs, old structures of thought, old institutions (which are just the more concrete realizations of sets of common agreements, [such as] “Yes, this is good. This is what we want.  This is profitable. Or, this will keep us safe.”) You will release these old energies as you feel ready and the timing is perfect.

Meanwhile, new ideas, new inspiration, new paradigms are being seeded around you every day and you can see some take root and begin to grow.  Your social media, for example, is based on the paradigm of connectivity.  How much progress [there has been] when you remember the veritable, adamant state of separation only a short time ago.  And before long, the reliance upon the internet and electronic devices will give way to greater trust in your intuitive connectivity. No longer will your spirituality be a part of your [separate] identification. It will be fully integrated into your human beingness, your every-moment-experience of your membership in the glorious whole of life.

What an exciting era you are beginning! And it will be known to you eternally as having been well worth every moment of suffering [in order] to get absolutely clear that you wanted [now] collectively to move into a more loving state of life and play, a whole other way to your joy. So be it.

Peace, my beloveds, and joy unending.  Gabriel.

(April 20, 2012) Jeshua, will you write with me?  Of course. What would you like to write about?  Well, I have been reading some channelings from others about the state of power in our world, how some are exceeding their rights and will be arrested to make way for a more democratic rule. Is this true?  Yes.  The Illuminati are true? Yes. There is a vein of power that is deeply embedded in your history that even now has its proponents, its actors.  It is all part of the lessons of balance and imbalance, of projected power and assumed power.

            You are being called into a greater state of personal empowerment and our teachings are specifically addressed to this.  Most of you on the planet have been willing to be dominated by a few in power, some covertly, some overtly.  But now you are all ready for a new stage of development, wherein you take back this projection and make your own choices.  Believe me, you have consented to this [current] arrangement as part of the objectifying lesson in power.

            Some are frightened by the covert nature of this agreement, afraid of what they cannot see; but in reality, it is not very different than your openly reigning monarchies.  They have great power and many have been content for this to be so, because you see it as a stable situation and one in which you can feel safe.

            Now that you are ready to trust yourselves with your own power, you naturally wish to recover the projection, make your own choices and arrangements.  You are beginning to believe that indeed you are quite capable of making more loving and fair economic systems, more enlightened systems of governance, more liberating systems of education, and so on. You are beginning to trust your own capacities for love, for compassion, for wisdom. Yes, this has been a long time coming.

            You are growing up as a civilization, no longer willing to be sheltered by parents who are fallible, who are protecting their own interests [the status quo].  The extremes of inequality in terms of wealth are primarily an illustration to be perceived without doubt, a glaring example, as you say, of an outcome that is excessive.  You now as a society cannot fail to see the point, as it were, and realize clearly that you have allowed the situation to go on quite long enough.

            You are ready now to become independent of those who you thought protected you, and you now long for and aspire to creating a new life for yourselves, together, on planet Earth.  An entire generation, so to speak, of Earth dwellers are now ready to evolve a new way of life on the beautiful Mother Planet, one with a great deal more freedom, a high standard of cooperation, and undreamed-of levels of co-creative joyous expression.

            Great congratulations to all of you that you have arrived at this place in your common journey.  Do not resent or fear those who have been manipulating the strings of the puppets.  Recognize your own collusion, and, like Pinnochio – grow up!  You are real now, you know, and can make your own adventure.

Does this answer your question?  Indeed. I feel much inspired, thank you.

Great love and blessings to each of you.  Jeshua.

Quan Yin is the equivalent of Mother Mary in Asia.  She had a real physical life, and vowed to stay with the Earth until we all ascend. The question posed here is a follow up to a class Quan Yin brought to us several years ago, in which she explained that we are nearing the end of a great galactic beam; that is why the translation of frequencies and our sense of urgency or that “something” is happening. The statue has been in my family for many years… Loving blessings, Jennifer

April 5.   This is Quan Yin.  I am most honored to be allowed to speak to you now.  (What would you share with us? Where are we on our progress off the galactic beam?) You are entering the off-ramp now, the reality you have always taken for granted now holds a different hue, a different tone, and you are adjusting rapidly to the shift in energies. While you think of an off-ramp as a much slowed version of your roadway, the current shift is actually an acceleration of the energies and so may feel more like a chute on a slide, quite rapid.  Assign no time frame to it, though, you will only try to control what is not controllable.  Let it be its own experience – let it be lived as life, as a fresh moment-by-moment excursion into a new dimension.  Again, assign not a number to any dimension you are frequenting – it matters not.  Each has its glories, its qualities, each is wonderful, and as you have been learning to allow and appreciate your earthly experiences, so too, allow and appreciate your accelerated frequencies.

 It is the rational mind that seeks to determine whether you are today closer to the 5th dimension than yesterday, and the rational mind is not capable of assessing this.  It has no experience, or expertise.  Dimensional reality is a felt experience – it is a sensory journey, a series of sensory sensations, some physical, some non-physical, which in various sequences make up the melody and harmony of what you are living.  Let it be what it is. To stop the flow of song continually to ask for the number of the measure would be counter productive at best, really, absurd, wouldn’t it?  So too, relax and enjoy the song – dive into the music and let it inspire you in many ways – wring the sounds and sensations of all that they offer you. 

 Life is a grand revelry, once you learn not to agonize, not to separate from it, not to seek to measure it all of the time.   It is as it is.  It is LIFE.  You are all so used to managing every aspect of your experience – you call it Your life – you possess it as much as you can and break it into bits, chew it up and spit it out – or hang it on the wall, framed.  Neither disgust or pride, derived by controlling “your” life, will bring your real joy.  Dancing with the energy of life is when JOY has room to express itself, through you, as the point of creation in your shared life. Life is alive and more than a medium, more than your environment.  You are a creation OF life as well as a creator of life – life flows through you like string through beads, but it is also the beads.  Imagine being the string passing through and also the beads, as constellations of energy, beautiful and unique.  You are both that which flows through you and that which expresses you. You are life. Do not limit your expression.  You are love, do not limit your love.

 Many blessings of Life to each of you.  Quan Yin

March 24.  Dear friends,  because of important family & personal stuff,  i have taken some time off … when i started focusing again on the channeling, i was told to start with messages “just for me”.  Amusingly enough, one was from an elemental named Ariamell, who encouraged me to dance more. She had observed me saving baskets of flower petals and thanked me more honoring them, but instructed me to dance and spread the petals on the Mother Earth! The next one, i felt was meant to be shared, but it too surprised me mightily!  (the Supreme Being??? good grief!!! ) but i just let it flow and it is a very beautiful message…enjoy!  with my blessings, Jennifer

March 20. This is the Supreme Being. You are One with me as I Am with you. Convergence is a rhythm, inevitable. We are not separate any more than the sun and the rays of light are separate. You go forth from my heart to explore and penetrate the darkness. I sit in stillness and enjoy the sensation of all of your experiences. My heart is an ever-erupting geyser of love.

I am telling you this because you have asked – is there a Supreme Being? Is there a level wherein all is known? Yes, there is the totality of consciousness which WE are ALL a part of – I can see, comprehend, revel in this wholeness more than you can at this point, just as the tip of the ballerina knows the shoe and the floor intimately, and forgets the head and mind and yet still is connected, so are you fully engaged in your sensory dance Except when your individual minds tell you stories, you are not remembering the whole of who we are, but I am always remembering. I am the whole dancer. You are one foot, or one toe, or one cell or one molecule, except when you sleep and then you become the leg, the knee, the breast, the finger or any point of consciousness you choose.

You do know at times the entirety – or shall I say, you glimpse it – very few would choose to stay in that entirety of awareness – much as you long for it, you would consider it “too much” and you would consider that you would lose too much by letting go of your individual perspective. You have become attached to your uniqueness – there is only one You and yet you are One in the larger scheme of things with all of the individual expressions of LIFE. Life is life – multiple and one at the same time.

As much as you can enter the realm of paradox, you can begin to play in understanding the greater beingness of yourself. I am the I Am and so are you, no matter how you play with dress-ups and disguises, no matter how convincingly you entertain yourselves with thoughts of separateness. And yet your play is also a divine expression of your I Am. You enjoy the whole extension from crown to toe, from heart to hair, from womb to world. Know you are mine and I am Yours in the eternal ocean of Beingness.

With ever-expanding love, Your Own I Am.

Mother Mary: Feb. 20th. Greetings, my Beloveds. It is with great joy I come today to speak a few words of encouragement and clarification to you. Encouragement for the effort you are making to bring the new awakening into your lives – the awareness of choice, the expanded sense of identification, the gentleness toward self and others, the enthusiasm for co-creative endeavor, and the celebration of your new knowing of yourselves in greater connectivity to All That Is.

The clarification I wish to offer to you today has to do with this idea of your expanded self as divinity. Some of you reject your own divinity as absurd, or at least, grandiose (a word of judgement). Others squirm a bit trying on this notion – now commonplace (see how far you have come!) – of your divinity, as though perhaps it is a bit too loose, too tight, or at best, undeserved.

Ah yes, this brings us to the point that [you believe] you are not worthy, and [we] address the scriptural basis of humility – as though you must be humble to be loved by God, to be worthy to even tie his shoe. We, of course, did not have shoes even remotely like the ones you enjoy now, and even if we did, we would have tied our own, as you do. If one were very grand, then one might have a servant to fasten one’s sandals, but most of us have always preferred to be independent. The idea of being so unworthy as to be not even fit to act as a servant is what is being illustrated. Why would any of God’s children think themselves so pitifully low as to be so abased?

It is part of the story you tell yourselves as humans living in duality. You believe that for some to be worthy (secretly you would like to count yourselves in this group) then there must be others who are not worthy. Clearly, one must be one or the other; otherwise, there is no polarity. Since your world operates on polarity, then it must be truth. It is not truth my beloved ones; it is merely your game of light and shadow, worthy and unworthy – like the children’s game of cops and robbers. Pick a side and play it out; it does not matter, as long as you remember it is a game. If you forget (and this is what most of your history is about) then you suffer the illusion that your story, your history, your pain is real. It is not real, my darlings, it is just make-believe.

As you become more and more willing to take responsibility for your choices, your world, your reality, you become ready to see it as the game it is, and to begin to lovingly and creatively look for ways to use your power of choice differently. You tidy up; you make amends; you approach your relationships with greater awareness of your part in the play; you dream up new scenarios that create a happier ending for all.

Truly, my children, you are growing up, and it is a very joyful thing to observe your world in the act of taking responsibility for your choices, rather than retaining the [belief in] blame which makes one victim and the other at fault. There is no fault. There are only choices, and you are beginning to see this and to operate in a new paradigm of tender and gracious respect to all of your brothers and sisters, as you observe their desire to awaken from the dreams of humanity’s suffering.  The inkling that you created it together, and [thus] you can create solutions going forward which will give you great joy in implementing, will bring the celebration of life you have all longed for. With great kindness and creativity you will, together, lift your world into a new stage where concern turns to revelation, and compassion to delight. You are all held always in the greatest love and blessing. Mother Mary.

Feb. 14th. Hello. This is Jeshua. I am here to remind you of your own love. Within each of you is a fountain, a generator, a bubbling spring of love, forever renewing itself. On this day and always, know that your truest nature is to bestow your love freely, to benefit any with whom you come into connection in your human walk. On your world, the idea of love is as a commodity and something you trade, as in rubies or bushels of wheat. But it is not a thing, a finite substance. Love is an energy of infinite proportions, not a quantity – subject to lack or hoarding, or counting, or winning and losing. Love is a constantly available source of life, your life force, in fact, and the very same energy which you use to create your world.

Love has attributes that are calming, strengthening, energizing, soothing, passionate and tender, [so] you think it must be different than life, which in your world is often described as difficult, tough, hard, unpredictable, and therefore, unreliable and scary. Thus you miss the connection between love and life – life as in “life force” – the animating spirit which takes form as a rose, as a bear, a puppy, a pig, a human. You see, love IS life, and can take any form it chooses. On other dimensions you have all played with an infinite number of forms, created –by you- for you to experience. With your love/life force you bring into being an unlimitable number of creations on the earth plane, from cakes to plays to bridges and babies. Without life, there would be no expression.

You have sentimentalized love in to a safe arena of romantic or familial love. The ancient Greeks outlined the acceptable expressions of love, but these are merely hints of the vast creative powers of love. Life force, too, carries a finite terminology that anyone opposed to “force” would avoid. And so you hold yourselves in limitation. These have been the rules of your game. Are you willing now to contemplate the power of love? The life of love? A life of power? The creative loving energy that expresses infinitely as you, your brother and everything you know in this realm and all others?

There is nothing that is REAL that is not love. Anything other than love is a game, a parameter, set –by you- for exploration. Only love is real. That is all that is. Contemplate this and open to yourselves a whole new world of possibility. It begins with your heart and ends nowhere. Be blessed in the flow of infinite love and possibility.
My love always. Jeshua

Feb. 10: We are the Hathors. We speak as One. We welcome this opportunity to share encouragement to en-hearten your journey, dear ones –  your journey Home and beyond!  Yes, you are returning to your true state of connectedness and creatorship. You are returning to the remembrance of your nature as Love.  And love does not only flow towards the heart of the creator, but also flows out again. As you bring air into your center and send it forth, enriched by your own self, so does the Creator breathe in the light and love of your sharing and then blessing you, sends you forth to gather more experience.
Adventures is what it is all about.  Some take adventures into frequencies that are less than love… and this is exactly what you yourselves have done.  But you do not do so to revel in fear; you do so to carry the love you are into the denser vibration, because it is your nature to be love. Disguised as anything else at all, it is still love in motion, love in intention, love in essence.  All is [love].  It is just play-acting if it seems not to be.
What of cruelty, maliciousness?
Very rare [in intention]. Most violence is an expression of inner pain at the belief in separation.  At any moment you each are a breath away from being the love you are.  Choose to come from love, or come from fear.  But until you understand your ability to choose, most of you feel controlled by circumstances, helpless and fearful. This is the power of choice. If you once choose love – it is extremely liberating.  You are freed from the domination of fear, and therefore not compelled by your fear to act in unloving ways to anyone else. It is so simple, is not?
All is based in love or separation from that love.  The choice to separate from love is extremely rare. Some choose to know even this, usually for the purpose of understanding a deep dark space of possibility. You do so enjoy your contrasts, your sweet and sour, your hot and cold…it is part of the physical playground to hold experiences of polarity.  But it is all play ultimately.
No harm really exists.  You see so clearly this when you put down a thriller – oh, it is just a story, or when you wake from a bad dream –oh, it is just a nightmare. But it is harder for you to accept that your“reality” is really a grand creation of polarity, an absorbing game of light and shadow, which has developed into an amazingly complex and interesting compulsion for you.  That is why you have returned again and again, life after life.  You always say – I can do it this time, I can remember my love, I can live within polarity and remember to choose love and solve the maze.  For it is a maze, and many get temporarily lost and feel they are hopelessly so.  But that is never truly the case.
 Once you decide you have had enough, you can quickly locate an exit – be it a means of ending the physical life, or a means of choosing love, and then consistently and deliberately heading for Home.  You always have the power to choose. And when you are quite finished, you will no doubt find a new game to play.  You are such grand creators, our dear Earth friends!
We will stop now, we have given a long enough discourse today,  We  hope you have enjoyed this expansive view which we so gladly share in the spirit of blessing each and all of you reading this.  In GREAT LOVE. The Hathors.

Feb. 3: I share this one because it is my first channeling with an animal, a cat who has appeared to my inner sight in the past; I named him Presto.  He is all black, like the little statue of the Egyptian cat I have in my meditation room. In this life I have been fairly traditional in my practice of religion (until this latest evolvement), but this reveals how eclectic everything gets when we factor in past lives, for example, the relationship with a “familiar”, which many people associate with the early earth-based religions. This channeling also illustrates the process of getting information about a loved one. My father died 12 years ago, but I have never before asked any of my ascended friends about him, just trusted in the goodness of All That Is to be a “better place” for him – how could Home not be happy??? So, comment or email me with any questions, and enjoy….

Jan 18:  Surprise me.  I don’t have any agenda. Purrrrr… Presto!  Yes, I would like this time to communicate.  I feel you rubbing against my leg.  Were we friends in the physical?  Yes, many lifetimes ago, I was a temple cat and you befriended me and we agreed to work together.  I became a familiar to you – this is always an agreement – and I was willing to assist you with traveling between worlds and retrieving information.  Your love of cats is very old and I was not your first cat friend, but because of our association with the mysteries, I became dedicated, as you did. And so we began our partnership.  What would you like to know?

How is my father and what is he doing?  Your father in this life is moving every well into new realms of exploration, expanding his awareness and allowing himself much greater freedom.  He realized that he restricted himself unduly and dampened his own joy in that process.  He is quite well, wonderfully so, and would be willing to speak with you sometimes, whether in writing or in an inner conversation.  Just ask him, and wait and feel for his presence – he will let you know he is present.

Thank you  very much Presto!  So you are also a psychopomp? Yes! That is all for this time, I must go make dinner.  Ah fish, my favorite! We will enjoy the aroma! Okay!

P.S. A psychopomp is one who shows a departing spirit over the Bridge of Shadonai after physical death. This is one of my abilities, Jeshua told me, from past lives. 

P.P.S. Notice I did not tell him in words that I was going to cook fish, and that the sense of smell is multi-dimensional. 🙂

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