I’ve been on a long hiatus here, but excited to resume my dear old blog and connections to readers, many of whom are deeply friends. Life is changing rapidly, and with all the ups and downs, it feels like white water rafting at times! Now things are shifting again, feeling more connected to Source, Mother/Father and my own energy (the “Me of Me”) and I feel drawn to writing and recording (aka channeling) again. I have a few messages to share, so will get right to the point.

“Blessings to all who read and feel supported by messages such as this one, received in a quiet, peaceful space deep within the heart of one who desires only to serve the greater good on the planet. 

(How are we to begin?)  

Firstly, let me introduce myself.  I am “ALLy-A”  [sounds like ah-liy-ah].  Your ally in the times to come.  Your friend from the angelic realms, focused on the upliftment of humanity at this critical juncture. 

You are in marvelous times, approaching the Breakthrough of energies, lifting you above the cares of yesteryear- washing you on a great gigantic wave of light onto the new pristine shores of your new lives.   May you relax into the Knowing of the benevolence and beneficence and magnificence of this wave, this ocean, this journey of awareness. 

You know of the drop in the ocean, no?  Knowing you are the drop and the ocean? Well, if that is so, then you will be pleasantly surprised that the luminosity of the ocean has just been suffused into a million times brighter.  You will find yourselves swimming in an ocean of LIGHT, such as on a moonlit night, such as in a sea of luminescent plankton, such as in a rainbow brilliance made of liquid.  The movement will be analogous to liquid, because that is familiar to you.  Liquid envelops, liquid supports, liquid mirrors your own (mostly) water content (cells, blood, liquids, tears, etc.).  Liquid is your medium. Your body is created of such and it is thus very familiar to you.  

So Relax. Lie back and float along. The waves when cresting will lift your hearts, when curling will en-roll/enfold you in love, when bubbling will fill your energy with ions of effervescence.  And then – whoosh ~ you are spread in gladness, in eagerness, in joy upon the shore ~ where contact with the rest of the created planet is redolent of blessings of all kinds.  See the shore as the world you greet each day.  And as the day wanes, and the maximum joy has been experienced through contact with the diversity of your beautiful planet, then allow … release … regather your energy into the perfect tumult and shimmering grace of the ocean ~ all that you ARE. 

Remember you are not just one little wave.  You are all the waves.   All the experiences of all the edges/shores/cliffs/rocks/grains of sand of all the world.  In such moment-by-moment reality, the caress of water and stone is the glory of your Mother Earth.  So be it.”