So grateful for all my friends here -and- in the higher dimensions… how blessed we are! When I walk along the beach these days, I quickly reach a state of communion with the Divine Mother… something in the blue, blue ocean…something in the waves’ heartbeat rhythm… something feels tremendously awesome and deeply nurturing at the same time.

“Dear Ones, this is Mary who loves you.  Some of you know me as Mother, some as friend, some as sister of the heart.  I am overjoyed to be with you in this way, whenever you care to join in.”  

(Bless You and thank you, Mother Mary.)

“I will offer that which your hearts long for, the love filling your beings, the love of reassurance, the love of comfort, the love of wisdom.  You are your own guidance.  So many of you have grown into being your own way- finders, and we are very proud of you for this — so it is not guidance, per se, that we bring to you now — but the arms of embrace, the warmth of heart-gathering.  

When we are asked to come to you, it is so fast, so simple – we are there with you to support your own love, to hold your hand in partnership,  as we all are now creating the New and emerging from that which is past — an emerging which has been fraught for you,  requiring the deepest faith, the strength of steadfastness.  To trust you are not alone is trust of the greatest magnitude.  To trust you are NOT a puny human cast adrift amidst dance and cruelty on every side — such as has been your waking nightmare for so many lifetimes — takes strength of trust of a magnitude you cannot yet imagine — and yet you KNOW.  You KNOW.  

You have found your way, and we exult in the joy of this reunion, the conscious rejoining in the joy of creation.  Creatorship is our true nature.   Once deemed heresy, once fiercely avoided — you are now, one by one, two by two, embracing your own true nature as sparks of God, children of the ONE, with gifts inherent, gifts intact.  As you continue on your magnificent journey, you will see more and more of the picture playing out with YOUR loving participation.   

So. No fear now, Beloveds… none is necessary, none is required, none is helpful. Address your days with the joy of your hearts’ Being, and one miracle after another will tumble from your lips, slip into your awareness, leap into the surprise of moments longed for but not fully expected.  Now you know.  And we rejoice for you.  Have fun, blessed Ones.  Have fun.  

In loving awareness at all times of Thee-   I am Mary. ”