Jan. 26.  This post is a conversation with my beloved Mary Magdalen on the topic of mystery schools, the ancient schools which taught the universal mysteries. She and Jeshua both took part in such schools as pupils and I had been told through one of my channeled sessions with Lesley (an incomparable trance channel:  www.lesleyamichaels.com ,) that I had been a pupil there too.  In 2006 I founded Through The Rose Mystery School at my  home here in Vermont to revive these teachings.  I have a classroom, a chapel for chanting & meditation in the woods called The Chapel of the Star & the Rose, and a stone circle for weaving the ascension energies called the Portal of the Rose.

I have been thinking/feeling alot into this topic of mystery schools, since I am currently redoing my website, and it has sparked a few more conversations with Mary. But for now, I will post this little talk from a few months ago as a starter. Feel free to leave any questions on this topic in the comment box, and I will ask Mary.  

(Nov. 9)  Dear Mary, I know you were my teacher in the Mystery Schools of Egypt, would you please tell me more about what and how we learned?

You have this memory within you, as bright as a star– it is just that it has been cloaked purposely to allow you to share a clearer understanding with the ones of your own place now.

Education is partly culturally driven and partly by timeless, ageless wisdom.  We did of course instruct in the mysteries of universal truth, the relationship with the Universal Father and Mother, and your present classes are in fact a re-creating of these types of sessions.  We did utilize the gifts of certain ones who were able to leave the body and channel, much as your sister Lesley does, in fact you participated with her then. You have all come back together again, most of you were in my classes then.

We wrote on a wax slate with a reed that was trimmed to a point.  We taught this writing and the pupils practiced.  The content would be mantras, or phrases of wisdom, something worth writing, as time was not wasted with rote learning as it came to be later when education was more of an exercise in control.

We did also teach dance, movement and music, with certain patterns choreographed and practiced to aid in the development of awareness of the body and memory.  Besides, it was fun, and enjoyment was encouraged.

Would you if asked, co-create with me a curriculum that would offer here a similar assortment of classes to play with our awakening memories?

Yes, most gladly.  You have been wanting to develop this school – but it has been in deference to your mate that we have waited patiently for such a time as you would have his full participation and blessing. And do you see this coming?  It has the potential, yes if you do not insist or ram it down his throat, and go slowly, a bit at a time.  His insistence that it bring you financial flow is perfectly legitimate—it is that we did receive tuition of different kinds, but occasionally a pupil would be gifted enough that tuition was waived for the great honor and pleasure of being a teacher of a bright one such as this.

Mary would you please continue this topic with me at a later time?  Most assuredly, my dear sister, as you like.

Great blessings to you and your beloved.